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1-year clinical evaluation of One-Step in non-carious cervical lesionsBurrow, MF; Tyas, MJ19991,151
A 10-year retrospective analysis of marginal bone-level changes around implants in periodontally healthy and periodontally compromised tobacco smokersAglietta, M; Siciliano, VI; Rasperini, G; Cafiero, C; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2011128
A 10-year retrospective analysis of radiographic bone-level changes of implants supporting single-unit crowns in periodontally compromised vs. periodontally healthy patientsMatarasso, S; Rasperini, G; Iorio Siciliano, V; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP; Aglietta, M2010146
12-week study on effectiveness of desensitizing prophylaxis paste and toothpasteChan, CKP; Lo, ECM; Corbet, EF201347
16S rDNA PCR detection of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans from periodontitis-free plaqueLeung, WK; Cheung, BPK; Yau, JYY2004497
16S rDNA sequence analysis of periodontitis microbiota: a pilot studyLeung, WK; Ng, CHC; Wong, APK2004400
The 1994 Hong Kong Dental Practice Profile SurveyLo, ECM1996168
The 2000 Hong Kong Dental Practice Profile SurveyLo, ECM; Yeung, YJCY2001256
3-D characterization of facial deformities and prediction of facial soft and hard tissue response to orthognathic surgeryCheung, L; Jayaratne, YSN; Zwahlen, R; Lo, J; Chua, H; Choi, YK2010176
3-D facial anthropometric norms for south chinese.Jayaratne, YSN; Deutsch, CK; Cheung, LK; Zwahlen, RA2011116
3-D models for problem-based and case-based learning in dentistryYang, Y; Bridges, S2011153
A 3-dimensional analysis technique for facial soft tissue changes after mandibular retrusion surgeryLo, J200585
3-dimensional cone-beam computerized tomographic cephalometric database of McNamara's analysis in ChineseWong, RWK; Chau, CM; Hagg, EUO201097
3-dimensional cone-beam computerized tomographic cephalometric database on jaw dimensions in ChineseChau, ACM; Wong, RWK; Hagg, U2010159
A 3-dimensional method for analyzing facial soft-tissue morphology of patients with jaw deformitiesTerajima, M; Furuichi, Y; Aoki, Y; Goto, TK; Tokumori, K; Nakasima, A2009121
A 3-dimensional method for analyzing the morphology of patients with maxillofacial deformitiesTerajima, M; Nakasima, A; Aoki, Y; Goto, TK; Tokumori, K; Mori, N; Hoshino, Y2009155
The 3-dimensional stability of maxillary osteotomies in cleft palate patients with residual alveolar cleftsCheung, LK; Samman, N; Hui, E; Tideman, H; James, D1994109
3-dimensional surgical planning of facial reconstruction in hemifacial microsomiaLo, J; Cheung, LK; Jayaratne, YSN2007115
3-dmimensional airway analysis of dentofacial deformities by cone beam computed tomographyChong, MM; Chua, HDP; Cheung, LK201223
3-year clinical evaluation of packable and conventional posterior compositesPoon, CM; Yip, HK; Smales, RJ2004275
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