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HKU ResearcherPage: Ng, IOL
IMG_0549-e2-dept brochure.jpg picture
Professor Irene Ng
  • Head, Department of Pathology
  • Director, Laboratory of Liver Cancer and Hepatitis Research
  • Clinical Professor
  • Professor, Chair of Pathology
  • Loke Yew Professorship in Pathology
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 781213M 779429 Role of lysyl oxidase-like 2 (LOXL2) in the progression and metastasis of liver cancer 2013/2014
2 13121212 939280 Hepatitis B virus infection promotes hepatocellular carcinoma through HIF-l\xE0/LOXL2 pathway 2012/2013
3 81272440 879200 The role of cathepsin S (CTSS) and efficacy of CTSS targeted therapy in CD47+ tumor initiating cells-driven hepatocellular carcinoma 2012/2013
4 InP/230/12 151200 Therapeutic targeting of liver cancer by use of monoclonal antibodies against CD47 2012/2013
5 13120932 1000000 Analysis of hepatitis B virus genomic integration and characterization of its role in hepatocarcinogenesis 2012/2013
6 ITS/114/12 993678 Therapeutic targeting of liver cancer by use of monoclonal antibodies against CD47 2012/2013
7 600000 Tumour Microenvironment - New concepts and molecular mechanisms 2010/2011
8 HKU 778508M 897578 Roles of histone methyltransferases SUV39H1 and SUV39H2 in liver cancer 2008/2009
9 HKU 763607M 1085729 Functional characterization of a putative tumour suppressor, AMP-activated protein kinase, in liver cancer 2007/2008
10 HKU 779807M 1388110 Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling mechanism of DLC1 tumor suppressor in liver cancer 2007/2008
11 HKU 7674/06M 932500 Characterization of tensin2, the binding partner of DLC1 tumor suppressor in liver cancer 2006/2007
12 HKU 7560/06M 654500 GEP as a novel molecular target for liver cancer therapy 2006/2007
13 HKU 7497/05M 1271914 Roles of p21-activated protein kinase (Pak) 1 in the pathogenesis of liver cancer 2005/2006
14 HKU 7311/04M 939968 Roles and regulation of group II p21-activated protein kinases:-implications in cancer metastasis 2004/2005
15 HKU 7392/03M 1074000 Characterization of the granulin/epithelin precursor gene in liver cancer 2003/2004
16 ITS/112/02 2313472 Development of novel nucleic acid therapeutics for viral infection and cancer 2002/2003
17 HKU 7294/02M 1786000 Functional characterization of a novel liver-enriched transcription factor of the bZIP family 2002/2003
18 HKU 7291/02M 876000 Functional conditioning of dendritic cells for DC-based tumor vaccine 2002/2003
19 0 Treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma with arterial chemoembolisation: a randomised controlled trial 1996/1997
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 HKU 775513M 952636 The role of Lgr5 in liver cancer 2013/2014
2 1800000 Cancer Biology 2012/2013
3 InP/153/11 118368 The Use of Anti-DKK1 (anti-Dickkopf-1) Monoclonal Antibody for Treatment of Liver Cancer 2011/2012
4 InP/142/11 131880 The Use of Anti-DKK1 (anti-Dickkopf-1) Monoclonal Antibody for Treatment of Liver Cancer 2011/2012
5 ITS/096/11 999948 The Use of Anti-DKK1 (anti-Dickkopf-1) Monoclonal Antibody for Treatment of Liver Cancer 2011/2012
6 12111092 604000 Dissecting the gender disparity of hepatocellular carcinoma: Roles of HBV X protein and androgen receptor 2011/2012
7 HKU 775811M 1605995 Significance of RhoE dysregulation in liver cancer and metastasis 2011/2012
8 HKU 775110M 1032000 Significance of cten dysregulation in hepatocarcinogenesis and cancer metastasis 2010/2011
9 HKU 7/CRF/09 8100000 Molecular Pathology of Liver Cancer - a Multidisciplinary Study 2009/2010
10 HKU 772608M 1020047 Role of mitotic checkpoint gene MAD1 (mitotic arrest deficient 1) in liver cancer 2008/2009
11 HKU 7615/06M 1830500 Significance of LRP6 coreceptor upregulation in the aberrant activation of Wnt signaling in liver cancer 2006/2007
12 HKU 1/06C 6400000 Molecular pathology of liver cancer - a multidisciplinary study 2006/2007
13 N_HKU 716/06 730700 Characterization of regulatory molecules of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in liver cancer 2006/2007
14 670720 A study of molecular mechanisms and characterizing novel genes in liver cancer 2005/2006
15 05050022 800000 Characterization of the roles of hepatitis B virus X protein in liver cancer 2005/2006
16 HKU 7436/04M 1986880 Functional characterization of DLC1 gene, a novel tumour suppressor gene frequently deleted in liver cancer 2004/2005
17 1510371 Characterization of DLC1 gene, a novel tumour suppressor gene frequently deleted in liver cancer 2004/2005
18 600000 Molecular genetics and cell signaling in cancers 2004/2005
19 1515371 Genome-wide methylation screening in search for novel tumour suppressor genes in liver cancer 2004/2005
20 HKU 7454/03M 1653000 Deciphering dysregulation of mitotic checkpoint control in liver cancer 2003/2004
21 N_HKU 717/02 799126 Functional characterization of novel genes in liver cancer 2002/2003
22 HKU 7329/02M 1444000 Dysregulation of NF-[kappa]B signaling in liver cancer 2002/2003
23 531000 Molecular science of liver diseases: linking basic science to clinical application 2001/2002
24 HKU 7281/01M 954000 Identification and characterization of DLC-2, a candidate tumour suppressor gene on 13q frequently deleted in liver cancer 2001/2002
25 HKU 7342/00M 763200 Detection of genetic alterations on chromosome 8 in liver cancer by high-throughput fluorescent in-situ hybridization on tissue microarrays and by deletion mapping 2000/2001
26 20000 Detection and localization of hepatitis C virus in tissues of hepatocellular carcinoma and chronic liver diseases 1992/1993
27 493492 Study of DNA ploidy and tumour suppressor genes and their significance in relation to the prognosis and causation of hepatocellular carcinoma 1990/1991



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