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Optical signature of symmetry variations and spin-valley coupling in atomically thin tungsten dichalcogenidesZeng, H; Liu, G; Dai, J; Yan, YJ; Zhu, B; He, R; Xie, L; Xu, S; Yao, W; Cui, X; Chen, XH201361
The Serial Resonant Antenna for the Large Field of View Magnetic Resonance ImagingZhu, B; Wu, EX; GAO, PP; CAO, P; Jiang, LJ201386
Genomic sequence based scanning for drug resistance-associated mutations and evolutionary analysis of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistance Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Liu, CH; Li, HM; Lu, N; Wang, Q; Hu, YL; Yang, X; Hu, YF; Woo, PCY; Gao, GF; Zhu, B201227
Low-frequency Raman modes and electronic excitations in atomically thin MoS2 filmsZeng, H; Zhu, B; Liu, K; Fan, J; Cui, X; Zhang, QM2012100
An SNP selection strategy identified IL-22 associating with susceptibility to tuberculosis in ChineseZhang, G; Chen, X; Chan, L; Zhang, M; Zhu, B; Wang, L; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhou, B; Wang, J2011166
Characteristics and treatment outcomes of patients with MDR and XDR tuberculosis in a TB referral hospital in beijing: A 13-year experienceLiu, CH; Li, L; Chen, Z; Wang, Q; Hu, YL; Zhu, B; Woo, PCY2011642
Finding treasures from your trashZhu, B; Luo, X; Ma, J; Chau, M201085
Understanding awareness diffusion in microbloggingZhu, B; Chau, M2010110
Intrathecal Morphine Postconditioning reduces cardiac ischemia reperfusion injury via central opioid receptor activationJiang, L; Wong, GTC; Zhu, B; Irwin, MG200987
Effect of electron-phonon interaction on nonequilibrium transport in quantum dot systemsChen, Z; Lu, H; Lu, R; Zhu, B200691
Environmental factors on the SARS epidemic: Air temperature, passage of time and multiplicative effect of hospital infectionLin, K; Fong, DYK; Zhu, B; Karlberg, J2006379
HelpfulMed: Intelligent searching for medical information over the InternetChen, H; Lally, AM; Zhu, B; Chau, M200372
Numerical simulation of pedestrian level wind environment around tall buildingsZhu, B; Au, FTK; Cheung, YK1998100
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