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Alternative use of isoflurane and propofol confers superior cardioprotection than using one of them alone in a dog model of cardiopulmonary bypassLi, T; Wu, W; You, Z; Zhou, R; Li, Q; Zhu, D; Li, H; Xiang, X; Irwin, MG; Xia, Z; Liu, J2012160
Two Proterozoic collision events recorded in the Dabie-Qinling orogenic belt rocks and Precambrian tectonic evolution of the regionChen, N; Sun, M; You, Z200297
Electron-irradiation-induced deep levels in n-type 6H–SiCGong, M; Fung, SHY; Beling, CD; You, Z1999345
A deep level transient spectroscopy study of electron irradiation induced deep levels in p-type 6H–SiCGong, M; Fung, SHY; Beling, CD; You, Z1999414
Decompression-metamorphism of Dabie Complex and rapid tectonic-uplift from deep level of the orogenic beltChen, N; You, Z; Sun, M1998116
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