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What is the Diagnosis?Chu, WY; Wong, WL; Chung, BHY201419
Identifying genetic mutations in patients with RASopathies using a new generation sequencing diagnostic pipeline in Hong KongLo, IFM; Leung, KC; Luk, HM; Tang, VHM; Gao, W; Wong, WL; Tang, LYF; Chu, WY; Kan, SYA; Tang, MHY; Lam, STS; Yang, W; Ma, CH; Jin, D; Chan, YK; Chung, BHY201314
Caries experience of Chinese children with cleft lip and palateKing, NM; Wong, WL; Wong, HM201333
Assessing local patients’ knowledge and awareness on radiation doses and risks associated with radiological imaging – A Questionnaire StudySin, HK; Wong, CS; Huang, B; Yiu, KL; Wong, WL; Chu, YC201260
Prevalence and causes of visual impairment and blindness in an urban Indian population: The Singapore Indian eye studyZheng, Y; Lavanya, R; Wu, R; Wong, WL; Wang, JJ; Mitchell, P; Cheung, N; CajucomUy, H; Lamoureux, E; Aung, T; Saw, SM; Wong, TY201177
A questionnaire study assessing local physicians, radiologists and interns’ knowledge and practice pertaining to radiation exposure related to radiological imagingWong, CS; Huang, B; Sin, HK; Wong, WL; Yiu, KL; Chu, TYC2011176
Meta-emotion beliefs and meta-parenting practices among Chinese parents, a Hong Kong sampleKam, CM; Fung, MS; Wong, WL2010121
A twin study of speech perception and production in L1 and L2 among Chinese children learning English as a second languageWong, WL; Bishop, D; Ho, CSH2009160
Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide by a polymeric film of rhenium tricarbonyl dipyridylamineCheung, KC; Guo, P; So, MH; Lee, LYS; Ho, KP; Wong, WL; Lee, KH; Wong, WT; Zhou, ZY; Wong, KY2009559
Negative Associations Between Fathers' Work Spillover And Engagement In Monitoring Their ChildrenWong, WL; Kam, CM200987
A highly selective luminescent switch-on probe for histidine/histidine-rich proteins and its application in protein stainingMa, DL; Wong, WL; Chung, WH; Chan, FY; So, PK; Lai, TS; Zhou, ZY; Leung, YC; Wong, KY200893
Transition metal complexes as electrocatalysts-Development and applications in electro-oxidation reactionsCheung, KC; Wong, WL; Ma, DL; Lai, TS; Wong, KY200790
Syntheses of C1-symmetric bidentate ligands having pyridyl and 1,3-Thiazolyl, 1-methylimidazolyl or pyrazinyl donor groups for enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic substitution and copper-catalyzed cyclopropanationTeng, PF; Tsang, CS; Yeung, HL; Wong, WL; Wong, WT; Kwong, HL2006199
Differential effects of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and neurturin in RET/GFRα1-expressing cellsLee, RHK; Wong, WL; Chan, CH; Chan, SY200679
The role of speed of processing and central executive functioning on RAN and reading fluency among Chinese adultsWong, WL; Ho, CSH; Chow, BWY200590
Lexical information encapsulation of Chinese words among young readers with or without reading disabilitiesWong, WL; Ho, CSH200575
Life satifaction, optimism and problem-solving style of Filipino domestic workers in Hong KongWong, WL; Ho, CSH2004101
The persisting cognitive deficits of reading-compensated Chinese dyslexic adults: An exploratory studyWong, WL; Ho, CSH200473
Differential effects of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and neurturin in NG108-15 cellsLee, RHK; Wong, WL; Chan, SY200380
Neurturin but not glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor stimulates neuronal differentiation in NG108-15 cellsLee, RHK; Wong, WL; Chan, SY200259
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