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Mechanisms of Antibacterial Activity of MgO: Non-ROS Mediated Toxicity of MgO Nanoparticles Towards Escherichia coliLeung, YH; Ng, AMC; Xu, XY; Shen, ZY; Gethings, LA; Wong, TM; Chan, MN; Guo, M; Ng, YH; Djurisic, A; Lee, PKH; Chan, WK; Yu, L; Phillips, DL; Ma, PY; Leung, FCC201415
Towards a metagenomic understanding on enhanced biomethane production from waste activated sludge after pH 10 pretreatmentWong, TM; Zhang, D; Li, J; Hui, RKH; Tun, HM; Brar, MS; Park, TJ; Chen, Y; Leung, FCC201230
Intracerebroventricular administration of morphine confers remote cardioprotection-Role of opioid receptors and calmodulinZhang, Y; Irwin, MG; Lu, Y; Mei, B; Zuo, YM; Chen, ZW; Wong, TM2011159
Ionic mechanisms underlying cardiac toxicity of the organochloride solvent trichloromethaneZhou, Y; Wu, HJ; Zhang, YH; Sun, HY; Wong, TM; Li, GR2011144
Polyol pathway impairs the function of SERCA and RyR in ischemic-reperfused rat hearts by increasing oxidative modifications of these proteinsTang, WH; Kravtsov, GM; Sauert, M; Tong, XY; Hou, XY; Wong, TM; Chung, SK; Man Chung, SS2010173
Preconditioning with Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide may confer cardioprotection and improve recovery of the electrically induced intracellular calcium transient during ischemia and reperfusionFan, MHM; Wong, KL; Wu, S; Leung, WK; Yam, WC; Wong, TM2010187
Cardiac toxicity of chloroform: implication of multople ion channel inhibition.Zhou, Y; Wong, TM; Li, GR200996
Intrathecal morphine preconditioning induces cardioprotection via activation of delta, kappa, and mu opioid receptors in ratsLi, R; Wong, GTC; Wong, TM; Zhang, Y; Xia, Z; Irwin, MG2009157
Effects of remifentanil on intracellular Ca2+ and its transients induced by electrical stimulation and caffeine in rat ventricular myocytesZhang, Y; Irwin, MG; Li, R; Chen, ZW; Wong, TM2009163
Testosterone-augmented contractile responses to α1- and β1-adrenoceptor stimulation are associated with increased activities of RyR, SERCA, and NCX in the heartTsang, S; Wong, SSC; Wu, S; Kravtsov, GM; Wong, TM200925
Ionic mechanisms of chloroform induced arrhythmiaZhou, Y; Wong, TM; Li, GR2009141
Polyol pathway mediates iron-induced oxidative injury in ischemic-reperfused rat heartTang, WH; Wu, S; Wong, TM; Chung, SK; Chung, SSM2008138
Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide preconditioning may confer cardioprotection against ischemia/reperfusion injuryFan, MHM; Wong, KL; Wu, S; Leung, WK; Wong, TM200894
Ionic mechanisms of chloroform cardiac toxicityZhou, Y; Wong, TM; Li, GR200889
Involvement of voltage-gated K+ and Na+ channels in gastric epithelial cell migrationWu, WKK; Li, GR; Wong, TM; Wang, JY; Yu, L; Cho, CH200879
Multiple Ion Channel Block of Chloroform is Involved in its Arrhythmogenic EffectZhou, Y; Wong, TM; Li, GR2008129
Metabolic syndrome in an Asian population and agents and targets for cardiovascular protectionFung, ML; Wong, TM200770
Editorial [Hot topic: Metabolic syndrome in an Asian Chinese population and agents and targets for cardiovascular protection]Fung, ML; Wong, TM200751
Chronic intermittent hypoxia alters Ca2+ handling in rat cardiomyocytes by augmented Na+/Ca2+ exchange and ryanodine receptor activities in ischemia-reperfusionYeung, HM; Kravtsov, GM; Ng, KM; Wong, TM; Fung, ML200794
Remifentanil preconditioning confers delayed cardioprotection in the ratYu, CK; Li, YH; Wong, GTC; Wong, TM; Irwin, MG2007157
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