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The fatigue bond strength of fixed-fixed versus cantilever resin-bonded partial fixed dental prosthesesWong, TL; Botelho, MG201318
Superlattices of Bi 2Se 3/In 2Se 3: Growth characteristics and structural propertiesWang, ZY; Guo, X; Li, HD; Wong, TL; Wang, N; Xie, MH2011211
Effect of the starting surfaces of GaN on defect formation in epitaxial Co thin filmsLi, HD; Wong, TL; Wang, N; Wang, J; Li, Q; Xie, MH2011128
Growth of multilayers of Bi 2Se 3/ZnSe: Heteroepitaxial interface formation and strainLi, HD; Wang, ZY; Guo, X; Wong, TL; Wang, N; Xie, MH2011177
Rehabilitation of a mandibulotomy/onlay/graft-reconstructed mandible using a milled bar and a tooth- and implant-supported removable dental prosthesis: A clinical reportWong, TL; Wat, PYP; Pow, EHN; McMillan, AS201095
The van der Waals epitaxy of Bi 2Se 3 on the vicinal Si(111) surface: An approach for preparing high-quality thin films of a topological insulatorLi, HD; Wang, ZY; Kan, X; Guo, X; He, HT; Wang, Z; Wang, JN; Wong, TL; Wang, N; Xie, MH2010424
Growth of ultra thin ZnSe nanowiresWong, TL; Cai, Y; Chan, SK; Sou, IK; Wang, N200966
Bond strength of two- and three-unit resin bonded bridgesBotelho, MG; Wong, TL200899
Growth behaviors of ultrathin ZnSe nanowires by Au-catalyzed molecular-beam epitaxyCai, Y; Wong, TL; Chan, SK; Sou, IK; Su, DS; Wang, N200876
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