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Fabrication and manipulation of polymeric magnetic particles with magnetorheological fluidRodriguez-Lopez, J; Shum, HC; Luis, ES; Espinosa, FM; Weitz, DA201321
Control over the shell thickness of core/shell drops in three-phase glass capillary devicesVladisavljevic, GT; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA201250
Single step emulsification for the generation of multi-component double emulsionsAdams, LLA; Kodger, TE; Kim, SH; Shum, HC; Franke, T; Weitz, DA201227
Monodisperse gas-filled microparticles from reactions in double emulsionsDuncanson, WJ; Abbaspourrad, A; Shum, HC; Kim, SH; Adams, LLA; Weitz, DA201292
Emulsion Templating of Poly(lactic acid) Particles: Droplet Formation BehaviorVladisavljevic, GT; Duncanson, WJ; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA201222
Microfluidic fabrication of water-in-water (w/w) jets and emulsionsShum, HC; Varnell, J; Weitz, DA2012111
Control Over The Number, Size, And Type Of Inner Drops Inside A Double EmulsionAdams, L; Zhao, YJ; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA201166
Dewetting-induced membrane formation by adhesion of amphiphile-laden interfacesShum, HC; SantanachCarreras, E; Kim, JW; Ehrlicher, A; Bibette, J; Weitz, DA2011142
Colloidal particles in nematic dropletsUchida, Y; Kanai, T; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA201182
Microfluidic generation of multifunctional quantum dot barcode particlesZhao, Y; Shum, HC; Chen, H; Adams, LLA; Gu, Z; Weitz, DA2011138
Water-based droplet microfluidicsShum, HC; Varnell, J; Weitz, DA2011100
Hierarchical porous materials made by drying complex suspensionsStudart, AR; Studer, J; Xu, L; Yoon, K; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA2011122
Fabrication Of Microcapsules With Gel-immobilized Colloidal Crystal Shells In Microfluidic DevicesKanai, T; Lee, D; Shum, HC; Shah, RK; Weitz, DA201172
Tunable morphology of monodisperse polymer particles with microfluidicsWang, BG; Weitz, DA; Shum, HC2011211
Multiple polymersomes for programmed release of multiple componentsKim, SH; Shum, HC; Kim, JW; Cho, JC; Weitz, DA201183
Early development drug formulation on a chip: Fabrication of nanoparticles using a microfluidic spray dryerThiele, J; Windbergs, M; Abate, AR; Trebbin, M; Shum, HC; Förster, S; Weitz, DA2011120
Breakup of double emulsions in constrictionsChen, H; Li, J; Shum, HC; Stone, HA; Weitz, DA2011105
Fabrication of biodegradable poly(lactic acid) particles in flow focusing glass capillary devicesVladisavljevic, GT; Duncanson, WJ; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA2011107
Multicompartment polymersomes from double emulsionsShum, HC; Zhao, YJ; Kim, SH; Weitz, DA2011103
Enhanced encapsulation of actives in self-sealing microcapsules by precipitation in capsule shellsZhao, Y; Shum, HC; Adams, LLA; Sun, B; Holtze, C; Gu, Z; Weitz, DA2011117
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