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A germline mutation (A339V) in thyroid transcription factor-1 (TITF-1/NKX2.1) in patients with multinodular goiter and papillary thyroid carcinomaNgan, ESW; Lang, BHH; Liu, T; Shum, CKY; So, MT; Lau, DKC; Leon, TYY; Cherny, SS; Tsai, SY; Lo, CY; Khoo, US; Tam, PKH; GarciaBarceló, MM2009530
Cdc25B as a Steroid Receptor CoactivatorChua, SS; Ma, Z; Ngan, E; Tsai, SY200490
Overexpression of Cdc25b, an androgen receptor coactivator, in prostate cancerNgan, ESW; Hashimoto, Y; Ma, ZQ; Tsai, MJ; Tsai, SY200364
The mifepristone-inducible gene regulatory system in mouse models of disease and gene therapyNgan, ESW; Schillinger, K; Demayo, F; Tsai, SY200259
Inducible expression of FGF-3 in mouse mammary glandNgan, ESW; Ma, ZQ; Chua, SS; Demayo, FJ; Tsai, SY200265
Cdc25B functions as a novel coactivator for the steroid receptorsMa, ZQ; Liu, Z; Ngan, ESW; Tsai, SY200149
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