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Specific recognition of phosphorylated tail of H2AX by the tandem BRCT domains of MCPH1 revealed by complex structureShao, Z; Li, F; Sy, SMH; Yan, W; Zhang, Z; Gong, D; Wen, B; Huen, MSY; Gong, Q; Wu, J; Shi, Y2012178
Differential regulation of RNF8-mediated Lys48- and Lys63-based poly-ubiquitylationLok, GTM; Sy, SMH; Dong, SS; Ching, YP; Tsao, SW; Thomson, TM; Huen, MSY2012177
Critical roles of ring finger protein RNF8 in replication stress responsesSy, SMH; Jiang, J; Dong, SS; Lok, GTM; Wu, J; Cai, H; Yeung, ESL; Huang, J; Chen, J; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY2011157
SON is a spliceosome-associated factor required for mitotic progressionHuen, MSY; Sy, SMH; Leung, KM; Ching, YP; Tipoe, GL; Man, C; Dong, S; Chen, J2010228
Regulation of Chromatin Architecture by the PWWP Domain-Containing DNA Damage-Responsive Factor EXPAND1/MUM1Huen, MSY; Huang, J; Leung, JWC; Sy, SMH; Leung, KM; Ching, YP; Tsao, SW; Chen, J2010374
BRCA1 and its toolbox for the maintenance of genome integrityHuen, MSY; Sy, SMH; Chen, J201092
Enhancement of RAD51 recombinase activity by the tumor suppressor PALB2.Dray, E; Etchin, J; wiese, C; Saro, D; Williams, GJ; Hammel, M; Yu, X; Galkin, VE; Liu, D; Tsai, MS; Sy, SMH; Schild, D; Egelman, E; Chen, J; Sung, P2010114
MRG15 is a novel PALB2-interacting factor involved in homologous recombinationSy, SMH; Huen, MSY; Chen, J200982
PALB2 regulates recombinational repair through chromatin association and oligomerizationSy, SMH; Huen, MSY; Zhu, Y; Chen, J2009145
PALB2 is an integral component of the BRCA complex required for homologous recombination repairSy, SMH; Huen, MSY; Chen, J2009106
Direct interaction between SET8 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen couples H4-K20 methylation with DNA replicationHuen, MSY; Sy, SMH; Van Deursen, JM; Chen, J2008105
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