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Suppression of liver tumor growth and metastasis by adiponectin in nude mice through inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and downregulation of rho kinase/IFN-inducible protein 10/matrix metalloproteinase 9 signalingMan, K; Ng, KTP; Xu, A; Cheng, Q; Lo, CM; Xiao, JW; Sun, BS; Lim, ZXH; Cheung, JS; Wu, EX; Sun, CKW; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2010669
The significance of acute phase small-for-size graft injury on tumor growth and invasiveness after liver transplantationMan, K; Lo, CM; Xiao, JW; Ng, KT; Sun, BS; Ng, IO; Cheng, Q; Sun, CK; Fan, ST2008109
Ischemia-reperfusion of small liver remnant promotes liver tumor growth and metastases - Activation of cell invasion and migration pathwaysMan, K; Ng, KT; Lo, CM; Ho, JW; Sun, BS; Sun, CK; Lee, TK; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2007144
A crucial role for dendritic cell (DC) IL-10 in inhibiting successful DC-based immunotherapy: Superior antitumor immunity against hepatocellular carcinoma evoked by DC devoid of IL-101Chen, YX; Man, K; Guang, SL; Chen, Y; Sun, BS; Cheng, Q; On, HW; Lo, CK; Ng, IO; Li, CC; Lau, GK; Lin, CLS; Huang, F; Huang, FP2007100
The significance of proline-rich tyrosine kinase2 (Pyk2) on hepatocellular carcinoma progression and recurrenceSun, CK; Ng, KT; Sun, BS; Ho, JWY; Lee, TK; Ng, I; Poon, RTP; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Man, K; Fan, ST2007126
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