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Protective efficacy against pandemic influenza of seasonal influenza vaccination in children in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trialCowling, BJ; Ng, S; Ma, ESK; Fang, VJ; So, HC; Wai, W; Cheng, CKY; Wong, JY; Chan, KH; Ip, DKM; Chiu, SS; Peiris, JSM; Leung, GM201282
Uncovering the total heritability explained by all true susceptibility variants in a genome-wide association studySo, HC; Li, M; Sham, PC2011341
No NRG1 V266L in Chinese patients with schizophreniaGarciaBarceló, MM; Miao, X; Tang, CS; So, HC; Tang, W; Leon, TYY; So, M; Yip, B; Chen, RYL; Cheung, EFC; Chen, EYH; Li, T; Tam, P; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC2011432
Multiple testing and power calculations in genetic association studiesSo, HC; Sham, PC2011832
Evaluating the heritability explained by known susceptibility variants: A survey of ten complex diseasesSo, HC; Gui, AH; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC20111,984
Risk prediction of complex diseases from family history and known susceptibility loci, with applications for cancer screeningSo, HC; Kwan, JSH; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC2011452
Robust association tests under different genetic models, allowing for binary or quantitative traits and covariatesSo, HC; Sham, PC2011133
Comparative epidemiology of pandemic and seasonal influenza A in householdsCowling, BJ; Chan, KH; Fang, VJ; Lau, LLH; So, HC; Fung, ROP; Ma, ESK; Kwong, ASK; Chan, CW; Tsui, WWS; Ngai, HY; Chu, DWS; Lee, PWY; Chiu, MC; Leung, GM; Peiris, JSM2010449
Genome-wide association study of schizophrenia in a Chinese populationSo, HC; Li, M; Chen, RY; Cheung, EF; Chen, EY; Cherny, SS; Li, T; Sham, PC2010165
Estimating the total number of susceptibility variants underlying complex diseases from genome-wide association studiesSo, HC; Yip, BHK; Sham, PC201087
Identification of neuroglycan C and interacting partners as potential susceptibility genes for schizophrenia in a Southern Chinese populationSo, HC; Fong, PY; Chen, RYL; Hui, TCK; Ng, MYM; Cherny, SS; Mak, WWM; Cheung, EFC; Chan, RCK; Chen, EYH; Li, T; Sham, PC2010112
Effect size measures in genetic association studies and age-conditional risk predictionSo, HC; Sham, PC201087
A unifying framework for evaluating the predictive power of genetic variants based on the level of heritability explainedSo, HC; Sham, PC2010109
Genetics of schizophrenia spectrum disorders: Looking back and peering aheadSo, HC; Chen, EYH; Sham, PC2009124
Genome-wide association study of schizophrenia in a Chinese populationSo, HC; Chen, RYL; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Cherny, SS; Li, T; Sham, PC2009206
Evaluating variance in liability explained by individual genetic variants and relationship to individualized risk predictionSo, HC; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC2009287
An association study of RGS4 polymorphisms with clinical phenotypes of schizophrenia in a Chinese populationSo, HC; Chen, RYL; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Li, T; Sham, PC2008186
A comparative study of carrier-frequency modulation techniques for conducted EMI suppression in PWM convertersTse, KK; Chung, HSH; Hui, SYR; So, HC2002184
Analysis and spectral characteristics of a spread-spectrum technique for conducted EMI suppressionTse, KK; Chung, HSH; Hui, SY; So, HC2000126
Spectral characteristics of randomly switched PWM DC/DC converters operating in discontinuous conduction modeTse, KK; Chung, HSH; Hui, SYR; So, HC2000102
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