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The Malfatti Problem in nineteenth-century ChinaSiu, MK; Chan, YC201315
Some more on Estermann and PythagorasSiu, MK201318
The good, the bad and the pleasure (not pressure!) of mathematics competitionsSiu, MK201319
On Alexander Wylie’s Jottings on the Science of the Chinese ArithmeticChan, Y C; Siu, MK201262
Proof in the Western and Eastern traditions: Implications for mathematics educationSiu, MK201279
Chinese arithmetic in the eyes of a British missionary and calculus in the eyes of a Chinese mathematician: Collaboration between Alexander Wylie (1815-1887) and LI shan-lan (1811-1882)Chan, Y C; Siu, MK201245
Facing the change and meeting the challenge: Mathematics curriculum of Tongwen Guan in China in the second half of the nineteenth centuryChan, YC; Siu, MK201269
1607, a year of (some) significance: Translation of the first European text in mathematics - <i>Elements</i> --- into ChineseSiu, MK2011122
概率萬花筒Siu, MK; Lam, K201075
An inequality between the diameter and the inverse dual degree of a treeSiu, MK; Zhang, ZF; Zhou, SM2002226
Combinatorial and Computational AlgebraChan, KY; Siu, MK; Mikhalev, AA; Yu, J; Zelmanov, E2000104
Combinatorics and algebra: A medley of problems? A medley of techniques?Siu, MK2000205
The combinatorics of binary arraysSiu, MK1997180
Which inscribed N-gon in an ellipse has the longest perimeter?Siu, MK; Tsang, KM1996112
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