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The impact of dental neglect on oral health: A population based study in Hong KongMcGrath, C; Sham, ASK; Ho, DKL; Wong, JHL2007104
Genetic polymorphisms and plasma levels of transforming growth factor-β 1 in Chinese patients with tuberculosis in Hong KongMak, JCW; Leung, HCM; Sham, ASK; Mok, TYW; Poon, YN; Ling, SO; Wong, KC; ChanYeung, M200776
Threshold Contrast Ratio and Masking Ability of Porcelain Veneers with High-Density Alumina CoresChu, FCS; Sham, ASK; Luk, HWK; Andersson, B; Chai, J; Chow, TW2004143
Color stability of provisional prosthodontic materialsSham, ASK; Chu, FCS; Chai, J; Chow, TW200495
A preliminary study of DNA damage in peripheral lymphocytes from lung cancer patients and healthy subjectsSham, ASK; Szeto, YT; Benzie, IFF; TanUn, KC2003140
The effects of tobacco use on oral healthSham, ASK; Cheung, LK; Jin, LJ; Corbet, EF2003819
Contrast ratio and colour difference of Procera veneers over different backgroundsChu, FCS; Sham, ASK; Luk, HWK; Andersson, B; Chai, J; Chow, TW2003219
Assessment of Endodontically Treated Teeth Adjacent to Proposed Implant SitesYip, KHK; Mui, MSF; Smales, RJ; Newsome, PRH; Chow, TW; Sham, ASK200282
Fractured dens evaginatus and unusual periapical radiolucencyChu, FCS; Sham, ASK; Yip, KHK2002123
Can calcium supplements prevent oral tooth loss?Sham, ASK; Cheung, LK200157
Can calcium supplements prevent tooth loss?Sham, ASK; Cheung, LK200177
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