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Rgs19 regulates mouse palatal fusion by modulating cell proliferation and apoptosis in the MEESohn, WJ; Ji, YR; Kim, HS; Gwon, GJ; Chae, YM; An, CH; Park, Hd; Jung, HS; Ryoo, ZY; Lee, S; Kim, JY201290
Importance of region-specific epithelial rearrangements in mouse rugae developmentSohn, WJ; Yamamoto, H; Shin, HI; Ryoo, ZY; Lee, S; Bae, YC; Jung, HS; Kim, JY201173
Reciprocal interactions of Fgf10/Fgfr2b modulate the mouse tongue epithelial differentiationSohn, WJ; Jung, HI; Choi, MA; Han, JH; Gwon, GJ; Yamamoto, H; Lee, S; Ryoo, ZY; Park, EK; Shin, HI; Jung, HS; Kim, JY201184
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