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Effective prevention of adolescent substance abuse - Educational versus deterrent approachesTze, VMC; Li, JCH; Pei, J2012102
Mining preferences from superior and inferior examplesJiang, B; Pei, J; Lin, X; Cheung, DW; Han, J2008273
Cross table cubing: mining iceberg cubes from data warehousesCho, M; Pei, J; Cheung, DWL2005213
Chondroitinase ABC enhances axonal regrowth through Schwann cell-seeded guidance channels after spinal cord injury.Chau, CH; Shum, DK; Li, H; Pei, J; Lui, YY; Wirthlin, L; Chan, YS; Xu, XM200483
Reduced Ca2+ response and beta-adrenoceptor desensitization in the heart of rat subjected to chronic hypoxiaFung, ML; Pei, J; Leung, MP; Wong, TM1999110
Attenuated intracellular Ca2+ response to beta-adrenoceptor stimulation is due to conversion of a 45 kDa Gs-alpha isoform to a 52 kDa Gs-alpha isoform in the heart of chronically hypoxic rat.Pei, J; Yu, X; Fung, ML; Cheung, CS; Leung, MP; Wong, NS; Wong, TM199987
Attenuated [Ca2+]i and [pH]i responses to kappa-opioid receptor stimulation in the heart of rats subjected to chronic hypoxia.Pei, J; Bian, JS; Yu, X; Fung, ML; Wong, TM199992
Impairment of Gs, but not AC, is responsible for blunted cardiac response to beta-receptor stimulation in rats subjected to hypoxia.Pei, J; Yu, X; Fung, ML; Cheung, P; Leung, MP; Wong, TM199983
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