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Poster Presentation: The Effect of Genistein on SOX9 and PTHRP Expression in the Spheno-occipital Synchondrosis of the MouseNg, SW; Wong, RWK; Lei, WY201336
Voices of donors: case reports of body donation in Hong KongChiu, HY; Ng, KS; Ma, SK; Chan, CH; Ng, SW; Tipoe, GL; Chan, LK2012181
Diiodobis(2-hydroxymethyl-1-methyl-1-imidazole-N3)cadmium(II)Yang, YY; Huang, ZQ; Chen, XM; Wong, WT; Ng, SW2005107
Poly[dimethylammonium aquadi-μ-oxalato-europate(III) trihydrate]Yang, YY; Zai, SB; Wong, WT; Ng, SW2005117
µ2-Diiodotetrakis(2-hydroxymethyl-1-methyl-1-imidazole-N3)dicadmium(II) bis[triiodo(2-hydroxymethyl-1-methyl-1-imidazole-N3)cadmate(II)] dihydrateYang, YY; Szeto, L; Ouyang, GF; Huang, ZQ; Wong, WT; Ng, SW2005168
Dyadic formulation of morphology-dependent resonances. III. Degenerate perturbation theoryNg, SW; Leung, PT; Lee, KM2002117
Morphology-dependent resonances in dielectric spheres with many tiny inclusionsLeung, PT; Ng, SW; Pang, KM; Lee, KM2002112
PCR amplification of alleles at locus D17S5: population genetic study in Hong Kong Chinese and detection of allelic loss in patients with hepatocellular carcinomaMa, CK; Tam, SCF; Ng, SW; Wong, RMC; Lok, ASF1996119
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