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Frequency-dependent cell death by optical tweezers manipulationNg, KS; Zhou, Z; Ngan, AHW201345
Voices of donors: case reports of body donation in Hong KongChiu, HY; Ng, KS; Ma, SK; Chan, CH; Ng, SW; Tipoe, GL; Chan, LK2012181
Transition from deterministic to stochastic deformationNgan, AHW; Ng, KS2010641
Effects of trapping dislocations within small crystals on their deformation behaviorNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2009529
Deformation of micron-sized aluminium bi-crystal pillarsNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2009548
Reconceptualizing the Psychosocial Domain of an Integrated PBL Curriculum DesignBridges, SM; Botelho, MG; Corbet, EF; Dyson, JE; McGrath, CPJ; Yiu, CKY; Ng, KS200983
Breakdown of Schmid's law in micropillarsNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2008358
Stochastic nature of plasticity of aluminum micro-pillarsNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2008242
A Monte Carlo model for the intermittent plasticity of micro-pillarsNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2008230
Stochastic theory for jerky deformation in small crystal volumes with pre-existing dislocationsNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2008337
Creep of micron-sized aluminium columnsNg, KS; Ngan, AHW2007126
The effect of preoperative information in relieving anxiety in oral surgery patientsNg, KS; Chau, AWL; Leung, WK2004171
Teleoperation with a distributed multiagent-based slave manipultor control systemLau, HYK; Ng, KS200499
Land-use pattern and road accidents in Hong KongHung, WT; Ng, KS; Lo, HK; Wong, CK; Wong, SC2001135
Dual-site atrial pacing for atrial fibrillation in patients without bradycardiaLau, CP; Tse, HF; Yu, CM; Teo, WS; Kam, R; Ng, KS; Huang, SSK; Lin, JL; Fitts, SM; Hettrick, DA; Hill, MRS200195
The impact of literacy on the daily living behaviour of senior citizens in Hong KongTse, SK; Kwok, YWY; Ng, SS; Ng, KS199966
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