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BP and arterial distensibility in children with primary snoringKwok, KL; Ng, DKK; Cheung, YF200362
Pulmonary sequestration in an infantChan, CLS; Ng, DKK; Iu, PP; Chong, ASF; Tam, PKH200369
Follow up of serial urea breath test results in patients after consumption of antibiotics for non-gastric infectionsLeung, WK; Hung, LCT; Kwok, CKL; Leong, RWL; Ng, DKK; Sung, JJY200266
Bronchogenic cyst in an infantNg, DKK; Law, AKW; Lau, WF; Tam, PKH200268
Vallecular cyst in a neonateChow, PY; Ng, DKK; Poon, G; Hui, Y2002209
A prospective study of a one-week non- bismuth quadruple therapy for childhood Helicobacter pylori infectionChan, KL; Zhou, H; Ng, DKK; Tam, PKH200165
Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome presented as failure to thrive in a Down's syndrome childHui, HNT; Ng, DKK; Hui, Y; Kwok, KL; Chau, KW2001274
Inhaled foreign bodies: children with peanut in airwayWong, SW; Ng, DKK; Ho, JCS; Tam, PKH; Chong, ASF; Chan, KL1999464
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