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Does vocational training in family medicine have an impact on antibiotic prescribing pattern?Lo, YYC; Lam, CLK; Mercer, SW; Fong, DYT2011164
Patient morbidity and management patterns of community-based primary health care services in Hong KongLo, YYC; Lam, CLK; Mercer, SW; Fong, DYT; Lee, A; Lam, TP; Lee, RSY; Chiu, BCF; Tang, JSF; Chui, BSH; Chao, DVK; Lam, A; Chan, KKC2011158
Incentives and barriers to adopting the family doctor model in Hong Kong: an in-depth qualitative study of the views, knowledge, and attitudes of patientsMercer, SW; Griffiths, SM; Lam, CLK; Lee, A; Wong, WCW; Lam, TP; Hillier, S; Phillips, DR; Jones, RH2011155
Utilisation patterns of primary health care services in Hong Kong: does having a family doctor make any difference?Lam, CLK; Leung, GM; Mercer, SW; Fong, DYT; Lee, A; Lam, TP; Lo, YYC201188
The Chinese-version of the CARE Measure reliably differentiates between doctors in primary care: A cross-sectional study in Hong KongMercer, SW; Fung, CSC; Chan, FWK; Wong, FYY; Wong, SYS; Murphy, D2011131
A qualitative study of the views of patients with long-term conditions on family doctors in Hong KongMercer, SW; Siu, JY; Hillier, SM; Lam, CL; Lo, YY; Lam, TP; Griffiths, SM2010243
A pilot study on the validity and reliability of the Patient Enablement Instrument (PEI) in a Chinese populationLam, CLK; Yuen, NYK; Mercer, SW; Wong, W2010206
Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the CARE Measure in a primary care setting in Hong KongFung, CSC; Hua, A; Tam, L; Mercer, SW200991
A qualitative study of patients' views on quality of primary care consultations in Hong Kong and comparison with the UK CARE MeasureFung, CSC; Mercer, SW2009154
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