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Dinuclear Zn(II) complex catalyzed phosphodiester cleavage proceeds via a concerted mechanism: A density functional theory studyGao, H; Ke, Z; Deyonker, NJ; Wang, J; Xu, H; Mao, ZW; Phillips, DL; Zhao, C2011660
Phosphodiester hydrolysis and specific DNA binding and cleavage promoted by guanidinium-functionalized zinc complexesHe, J; Sun, J; Mao, ZW; Ji, LN; Sun, H2009656
Effect of cyclodextrin dimers with bipyridyl and biphenyl linking groups on carboxyl ester hydrolysis catalyzed by zinc complexZhou, YH; Zhao, M; Sun, H; Mao, ZW; Ji, LN2009102
Double-strand DNA cleavage by copper complexes of 2,2′-dipyridyl with guanidinium/ammonium pendantsHe, J; Hu, P; Wang, YJ; Tong, ML; Sun, H; Mao, ZW; Ji, LN200872
Synthesis, structure, and activity of supramolecular mimics for the active site and Arg141 residue of copper, zinc-superoxide dismutaseZhou, YH; Fu, H; Zhao, WX; Chen, WL; Su, CY; Sun, H; Ji, LN; Mao, ZW200760
Cleavage of double-strand DNA by zinc complexes of dicationic 2,2′-dipyridyl derivativesAn, Y; Lin, YY; Wang, H; Sun, HZ; Tong, ML; Ji, LN; Mao, ZW200761
An effective metallohydrolase model with a supramolecular environment: structures, properties, and activities.Zhou, YH; Fu, H; Zhao, WX; Tong, ML; Su, CY; Sun, H; Ji, LN; Mao, ZW200770
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