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Molecular analysis of circulating RNA in plasma.Tsui, NB; Ng, EK; Lo, YM200652
Molecular diagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndrome.Ng, EK; Lo, YM2006108
CUHK Molecular SARS Research Group. Genomic characterisation of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus of Amoy Gardens outbreak in Hong KongChim, SS; Tsui, SK; Chan, KC; Au, TC; Hung, EC; Tong, YK; Chiu, RW; Ng, EK; Chan, PK; Chu, CM; Sung, JJ; Tam, JS; Fung, KP; Waye, MM; Lee, CY; Yuen, KY; Lo, YM2003116
Spectrum of mutations in the MECP2 gene in patients with infantile autism and Rett syndrome.Lam, CW; Yeung, WL; Ko, CH; Poon, PM; Tong, SF; Chan, KY; Lo, IF; Chan, LY; Hui, J; Wong, V; Pang, CP; Lo, YM; Fok, TF2000335
Rapid demonstration of Campylobacter in gastric biopsies using microwave irradiationChiu, KY; Cheung, KN; Lo, YM; Lau, MY198947
T3 reverses the changes in met-enkephalin and β-endorphin contents in the anterior lobe, but not the neuro-intermediate lobe of the pituitary of rats rendered hypothyroid by PTU-treatmentTang, F; Man, SY; Lo, YM198857
Age attenuation in the rat of pituitary-thyroid response to coldTang, F; Fung, KB; Lo, YM; Man, SY198633
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