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Sirtuin 1 is upregulated in a subset of hepatocellular carcinomas where it is essential for telomere maintenance and tumor cell growthChen, J; Zhang, B; Wong, N; Lo, AWI; To, KF; Chan, AWH; Ng, MHL; Ho, CYS; Cheng, SH; Lai, PBS; Yu, J; Ng, HK; Ling, MT; Huang, AL; Cai, XF; Ko, BCB2011146
A 21-year-old pregnant woman with hypertension and proteinuriaLuk, A; Ma, RCW; Lam, CW; Tam, WH; Lo, AWI; Ng, EKW; Kong, APS; So, WY; Chow, CC2009208
Coronaviral hypothetical and structural proteins were found in the intestinal surface enterocytes and pneumocytes of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Chan, WS; Wu, C; Chow, SCS; Cheung, T; To, KF; Leung, WK; Chan, PKS; Lee, KC; Ng, HK; Au, DMY; Lo, AWI200583
Constitutional activation of IL-6-mediated JAK/STAT pathway through hypermethylation of SOCS-1 in human gastric cancer cell lineTo, KF; Chan, MWY; Leung, WK; Ng, EKW; Yu, J; Bai, AHC; Lo, AWI; Chu, SH; Tong, JHM; Lo, KW; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL2004109
Novel mutation and polymorphisms of the HMBS gene detected by denaturing HPLCLam, CW; Poon, PMK; Tong, SF; Lo, AWI; Lai, CK; Choi, KL; Tiu, SC; Chan, YW; Shek, CC200165
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