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Influence of electron irradiation on hydrothermally grown zinc oxide single crystalsLu, LW; So, CK; Zhu, CY; Gu, QL; Li, CJ; Fung, S; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W; Ling, CC2008561
Increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in Asia: Implications for screeningSung, JJY; Lau, JYW; Goh, KL; Leung, WK; Chen, MH; Li, CJ; Tandon, R; Makharia, G; Abdullah, M; Fujita, R; Hilmi, I; Kim, JY; Kim, HJ; Yang, SK; Kim, WH; Kim Ii, T; Byeon, JS; Hilmi, I; Sollano, J; Ong, E; Tan, J; Ho, L; Yeoh, KG; Wang, CY; Wu, DC; Kongkam, P; Kullavanijaya, P2005161
Standard treatment for Helicobacter pylori infection is suboptimal in non-ulcer dyspepsia compared with duodenal ulcer in ChineseWong, WM; Xiao, SD; Hu, PJ; Wang, WH; Gu, Q; Huang, JQ; Xia, HHX; Wu, SM; Li, CJ; Chen, MH; Cui, Y; Lai, KC; Hu, WHC; Chan, CK; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY2005108
Recurrent genetic alterations in 26 colorectal carcinomas and 21 adenomas from Chinese patientsHe, QJ; Zeng, WF; Sham, JST; Xie, D; Yang, XW; Lin, HL; Zhan, WH; Lin, F; Zeng, SD; Nie, D; Ma, LF; Li, CJ; Lu, S; Guan, XY2003136
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