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Exploring stressors of Hong Kong expatriate construction professionals in mainland China: focus group studyLeung, MY; Chan, IYS201286
Managing Stress of Hong Kong expatriate construction professionals in Mainland China: A focus group studies to exploring individual coping strategies and organizational supportChan, IYS; Leung, MY201223
Perspectives of the dentists on smoking cessation in Hong KongLu, HX; Wong, MCM; Chan, KF; Chan, TK; Chung, WY; Leung, MY; Mak, YK; Pu, YC; Wong, SSS; Wong, WY; Yeung, HW2011139
Impact of stress on injury incidents among construction workersLeung, MY; Chan, IYS2011148
From the ground up: General Education Reform in Hong KongFinkelstein, MJ; Lee, W; Pang, MF; Leung, MY2009115
Impact of stress-coping behaviour on estimation performanceLeung, MY; Liu, AMM; Wong, MMK200674
Critical stressors influencing construction estimators in Hong KongLeung, MY; Ng, ST; Skitmore, M; Cheung, SO2005130
Demystifying stakeholders' commitment and its impacts on construction projectsLeung, MY; Chong, A; Ng, ST; Cheung, MCK2004153
A longitudinal analysis on the relationship between construction output and GDP in Hong KongYiu, CY; Lu, XH; Leung, MY; Jin, WX2004133
Measuring construction project participant satisfactionLeung, MY; Ng, ST; Cheung, SO2004162
Evaluating learning approaches of construction students in Hong Kong through a matrix frameworkLeung, MY; Ng, TST; Li, YK200482
Convergent views of neutrals and users about alternative dispute resolutionCheung, SO; Suen, HCH; Ng, TST; Leung, MY200470
Analysis of value and project goal specificity in value managementLeung, MY; Liu, AMM2003122
A Study of Beginning and Ending of Du Fu's Han Shi ShiIp, SLS; Lai, WY; Wong, WY; Leung, MY; Pak, WH; Cheung, CW2002127
Exploring the Poetry of Du Fu: The Cloud as Opening ImageIp, SLS; Kung, PC; Chang, TP; Chu, YW; Lai, WY; Leung, MY; Lynn, RJ2002102
Improving satisfaction through conflict stimulation and resolution in value management in construction projectsLeung, MY; Ng, TST; Cheung, SO200284
Use of composite strip crown in Paediatric DentistryLeung, MY; Chu, CH2001131
Catfish-like Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide in the Goldfish : - Molecular Cloning, Tissue Distribution, and Functional StudiesLeung, MY; Tse, LY; Chow, BKC; Yu, KL; Wong, AOL199983
Molecular Cloning and Tissue Distribution of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide in the GoldfishLeung, MY; Tse, LY; Yu, KL; Chow, BKC; Wong, AOL1999113
Molecular cloning, tissue distribution and functional studies of goldfish pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptideLeung, MY; Chow, BKC; Yu, KL; Wong, AOL199977
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