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Acupuncture improves cognitive function, A systematic reviewLeung, MCP; Yip, KK; Lam, CT; Lam, KS; Lau, W; Yu, WL; Leung, AKM; Leung, AKM; So, KF201325
Chylothorax in Children After Congenital Heart SurgeryChan, Sy; Lau, W; Wong, WHS; Cheng, Lc; Chau, AKT; Cheung, Yf200677
Effects of strength training on body composition and bone mineral content in children who are obese/overweight.Yu, CW; Sung, RYT; So, RCH; Lui, KC; Lau, W; Lam, PKW; Lau, EMC2005154
Misoprostol is as effective as gemeprost in termination of second trimester pregnancy when combined with mifepristone: A randomised comparative trialHo, PC; Chan, YF; Lau, W199667
Misoprostol is as effective as gemeprost when combined with mifepristone in termination of second trimester pregnancy: a prospective randomized comparisonHo, PC; Chan, YF; Lau, W199685
Influence of surgeons' experience on postoperative sepsisLau, W; Fan, S; Chu, KW; Yip, W; Yuen, W; Wong, K198873
Negative findings at appendectomyLau, W; Fan, S; Yiu, T198475
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