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High organic-content buffer for determnation of tract metal cations using capillary zone electrophoresisFung, YS; Sun, H; Lau, KM201138
Microfluidic chip-capillary electrophoresis for emergency onsite biomedical analysisGuo, W; Lau, KM; Sun, H; Fung, YS2010155
Microfluidic chip-capillary electrophoresis for two orders extension of adjustable upper working range for profiling of inorganic and organic anions in urineGuo, WP; Lau, KM; Fung, YS2010101
Microfluidic chip-capillary electrophoresis for point-of-care analysisGuo, W; Lau, KM; Fung, YS2010340
Determination of trace metals in high purity alcoholic solvents by nonaqueous capillary electrophoresisSun, H; Lau, KM; Fung, YS201060
A new capillary electrophoresis buffer for determining organic and inorganic anions in electroplating bath with surfactant additivesSun, H; Lau, KM; Fung, YS2010103
Immunogenetics in SARS: a case-control study.Ng, MH; Cheng, SH; Lau, KM; Leung, GM; Khoo, US; Zee, BC; Sung, JJ2010293
Microfluidic Chip-capillary Electrophoresis for Emergent Biomedical Analysis in Hong KongGuo, W; Lau, KM; Fung, YS2009132
A new capillary electrophoresis buffer for determining organic and inorganic anions in electroplating bath with surfactant additivesFung, YS; Lau, KM2009272
Charge generation layer in stacked organic light-emitting devicesFung, MK; Lau, KM; Lai, SL; Law, CW; Chan, MY; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200871
Rapid Determination of Organic and Inorganic Anions in Human Serum and Urine Samples by Capillary Zone ElectrophoresisChoy, TSJ; Lau, KM; Fung, YS200784
The familial risk and HLA susceptibility among narcolepsy patients in Hong Kong ChineseChen, L; Fong, SYY; Lam, CW; Tang, NLS; Ng, MHL; Li, AM; Ho, CKW; Cheng, SH; Lau, KM; Wing, YK200784
Influences of connecting unit architecture on the performance of tandem organic light-emitting devicesChan, MY; Lai, SL; Lau, KM; Fung, MK; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200752
Reduction of Oxide Charges for GaN MISFET with SiO2 Gate Dielectric through NO AnnealingLin, L; Lai, PT; Lau, KM200682
Effects of NO annealing on the characteristics of GaN MIS capacitorLin, L; Lai, PT; Lau, KM2006135
Effective organic-based connection unit for stacked organic light-emitting devicesLaw, CW; Lau, KM; Fung, MK; Chan, MY; Wong, FL; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200662
Fluorocarbon film as cathode protective coating in organic light-emitting devicesSun, HY; Lau, KM; Lau, KC; Chan, MY; Fung, MK; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200669
Separation and determination of cations in beverage products by capillary zone electrophoresisFung, YS; Lau, KM2006127
Application of metal-doped organic layer both as exciton blocker and optical spacer for organic photovoltaic devicesChan, MY; Lai, SL; Lau, KM; Lee, CS; Lee, ST200654
Influence of oxidation and annealing temperatures on quality of Ga 2O 3 film grown on GaNLin, LM; Luo, Y; Lai, PT; Lau, KM200658
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