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Silver nanoparticles boost collagen maturation in Achilles tendon regenerationTo, M; Kwan, KHL; Wu, J; Yeung, K201348
Silver nanoparticles stimulate proliferation and migration of chondroprogenitor cellsKwan, KHL; Yeung, KWK; To, MKT; Wu, J201241
The Modulating Action of Silver Nanoparticles on Collagen Deposition in Producing Scarless Wound HealingTo, MKT; Yeung, KWK; Wong, KKY; Liu, X; Kwan, KHL201180
Modulation of collagen alignment by silver nanoparticles results in better mechanical properties in wound healingKwan, KHL; Liu, X; To, MKT; Yeung, KWK; Ho, CM; Wong, KKY2011330
The modulating action of silver nanoparticles on collagen deposition in producing scarless wound healingTo, MKT; Kwan, KHL; Liu, X; Yeung, KWK; Wong, KKY2010125
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