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Patterns, aetiology and risk factors of intimate partner violence-related injuries to head, neck and face in Chinese womenWong, JYH; Choi, WM; Fong, DYT; Wong, JKS; Lau, CL; Kam, CW201436
Evolving frontiers in severe polytrauma management: refining the essential principlesKam, CW; Choi, WM; Wong, JYH; Lai, V; Wong, KSJ2013123
Family violence accounts for 25% of homicides in Hong KongLau, CL; Kam, CW; Choi, AWM; Wong, JYH; So, FL2012108
The first 5 years since Trauma Center Designation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of ChinaLeung, GKK; Chang, A; Cheung, FC; Ho, HF; Ho, W; Hui, SM; Kam, CW; Lai, A; Lam, KW; Leung, M; Liu, SH; Lo, CB; Mok, F; Rainer, TH; Shen, WY; So, FL; Wong, G; Wu, A; Yeung, J; Yuen, WK2011188
Resequencing microarray for detection of human adenoviruses in patients with conjunctivitisWoo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Choi, GKY; Fung, HT; Shek, KC; Miao, J; Chan, BYL; Ng, KHL; Ngan, AHY; EllisBehnke, R; Que, TL; Kam, CW; Yuen, KY2010152
1700 Victims of intimate partner violence: Characteristics and clinical outcomesLau, CL; Ching, WM; Tong, WL; Chan, KL; Tsui, KL; Kam, CW2008276
Trans-abdominal ultrasound-guided suprapubic puncture of a non-deflating Foley catheter balloonLee, WMM; Tsui, KL; Kam, CW200585
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