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Whole-brain Radiotherapy with Simultaneous Integrated Boost Using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) for Patients of Recursive Partitioning Analysis (RPA) Class I and II Suffering from 1-3 Brain MetastasesLee, VHF; Ng, CY; Taw, BTB; Hung, KN; Lam, KO; Chan, WWL; Leung, DKC; Ho, PPY; Sze, CKH; Leung, TW; Kwong, DLW201321
Neurolymphomatosis: Role of positron emission tomography in diagnosisCheung, C; Lopes, D; Hung, KN; Chan, T; Chan, KW; Kwong, YL201292
The efficacy and safety of LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery booster after whole brain radiotherapy for cerebral metastasesTaw, BT; Lee, VHF; Hung, KN; Ng, CY; Lui, WM201254
Impact of a multidisciplinary trauma team on the outcome of acute subdural haematomaLeung, GKK; Ng, KB; Ho, W; Hung, KN; Yuen, WK2012182
Functional survival after acute care for severe head injury at a designated trauma center in Hong KongTaw, BBT; Lam, ACS; Ho, FLY; Hung, KN; Lui, WM; Leung, GKK2012119
LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery booster following whole brain radiotherapy for cerebral metastases - a single centre experienceTaw, BBT; Hung, KN; Lee, VHF; Ng, S; Lui, WM201254
Concomitant use of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in neurosurgical patientsLeung, GKK; Wong, SWH; Ng, KB; Hung, KN201170
Concomitant use of Western and Chinese medicine treatments in neurosurgical patients in Hong KongLeung, GKK; Wong, SWH; Ng, GKB; Hung, KN201158
Growing skull fracture in an adult nine years after blunt head traumaLeung, GKK; Chan, KH; Hung, KN2011511
Combined simultaneous transcranial and transsphenoidal resection of large-to-giant pituitary adenomasLeung, GKK; Law, HY; Hung, KN; Fan, YW; Lui, WM2011134
Introduction of an electronic monitoring system for monitoring compliance with Moments 1 and 4 of the WHO "My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene" methodologyCheng, VCC; Tai, JWM; Ho, SKY; Chan, JFW; Hung, KN; Ho, PL; Yuen, KY201196
Using bevacizumab in the fight against malignant glioma: First results in Asian patientsPu, JKS; Chan, RTT; Ng, GKB; Leung, GKK; Hung, KN; Fung, CF2011124
Thalamo-perforating artery aneurysm in Moyamoya disease case reportLeung, GKK; Lee, R; Lui, WM; Hung, KN201093
Invasion of human glioma cells is regulated by multiple chloride channels including ClC-3Lui, VCH; Lung, SSS; Pu, JKS; Hung, KN; Leung, GKK201088
Combined transcranial and transsphenoidal resection of huge pituitary adenomaLeung, GKK; Hung, KN; Lui, WM; Fan, YW2010117
Evaluation of three stratification systems predicting recurrence and prognosis in patients with brain metastases after tumor removal and whole-brain irradiationLee, V; Hung, KN; Chua, DTT; Kwong, DLW; Leung, TW; Au, GKH2010216
Neuroimaging techniques in epilepsyLai, V; Mak, HKF; Yung, AWY; Ho, WY; Hung, KN2010179
Hong Kong intracranial and central nervous system tumour registry.Pu, JKS; Ng, KB; Chiu, HM; Hung, KN; Leung, GKK; Po, YC; Wong, G; Yam, KY; Zhu, XL; Wong, CK201097
Validation of a prognostic scoring system for locally recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated by stereotactic radiosurgeryChua, DTT; Hung, KN; Lee, V; Ng, SCY; Tsang, J2009186
Paediatric Epilepsy Surgery Program in Hong Kong: experience in Queen Mary Hospital/Duchess of Kent Children's HospitalYung, AWY; Wong, VCN; Khong, PL; Mak, H; Hung, KN; Chan, PH; Ho, WY; Fan, YW2009137
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