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A Generalized chain binomial model with aggregated dataXu, Y; Yip, PSF; Huggins, RM201229
A nonparametric estimation of the infection curveLin, HZ; Yip, PSF; Huggins, RM201168
Local polynomial estimation of Poisson intensities in the presence of reporting delaysChen, F; Huggins, RM; Yip, PSF; Lam, KF200867
Nonparametric estimation of multiplicative counting process intensity functions with an application to the Beijing SARS epidemicChen, F; Huggins, RM; Yip, PSF; Lam, KF2008157
A double-nonparametric procedure for estimating the number of delay-reported casesLin, H; Yip, PSF; Huggins, RM200897
Nonparametric method for estimating the size of an open population using marginal data from repeated multiple listsLiu, D; Yip, PSF; Huggins, RM2007101
Applications of additive semivarying coefficient models: Monthly suicide data from Hong KongHuggins, RM; Hall, P; Yip, PSF; Bui, QM2007130
A chain multinomial model for estimating the real-time fatality rate of a disease, with an application to severe acute respiratory syndromeYip, PSF; Lau, EHY; Lam, KF; Huggins, RM2005175
A note on the estimation of the initial number of susceptible individuals in the general epidemic modelHuggins, RM; Yip, PSF; Lau, EHY2004126
Estimation of the size of an open population from capture-recapture data using weighted martingale methodsHuggins, RM; Yip, PSF199957
Statistical analysis of removal experiments with the use of auxillary variablesHuggins, RM; Yip, PSF1997615
Inference for capture-recapture experiments in continuous time with variable capture ratesYip, PSF; Huggins, RM; Lin, DY1996114
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