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C-Src activation mediates erlotinib resistance in head and neck cancer by stimulating c-MetStabile, LP; He, G; Lui, VWY; Henry, C; Gubish, CT; Joyce, S; Quesnelle, KM; Siegfried, JM; Grandis, JR201317
SOAPdenovo2: an empirically improved memory-efficient short-read de novo assemblerLuo, R; Liu, B; Xie, Y; Li, Z; Huang, W; Yuan, J; He, G; Chen, Y; Pan, Q; Liu, Y; Tang, J; Wu, G; Zhang, H; Shi, Y; Liu, Y; Yu, C; Wang, B; Lu, Y; Han, C; Cheung, DWL; Yiu, SM; Peng, S; Zhu, X; Liu, G; Liao, X; Li, Y; Yang, H; Wang, J; Lam, TW; Wang, J201248
A positive role for c-Abl in Atm and Atr activation in DNA damage responseWang, X; Zeng, L; Wang, J; Chau, JFL; Lai, KP; Jia, D; Poonepalli, A; Hande, MP; Liu, H; He, G; He, L; Li, B201163
Prenatal malnutrition and adult Schizophrenia: Further evidence from the 1959-1961 chinese famineXu, MQ; Sun, WS; Liu, BX; Feng, GY; Yu, L; Yang, L; He, G; Sham, P; Susser, E; St Clair, D; He, L2009141
Ordinal-based genetic algorithm with cascaded encoding for reactive power optimization of electricity marketZhao, D; He, G; Zhong, J; Ni, Y200873
Optical properties of single-walled 4 Å carbon nanotubesLiang, W; Yokojima, S; Ng, MF; Chen, G; He, G200189
The composition and formation mechanism of negative Mn/O binary clusters produced by laser vaporizationLi, H; Ma, C; Bai, J; He, G199757
Valence of precursor compound effects on the stability and composition of Cu/Cl binary cluster produced by laser vaporizationLi, H; Ma, C; Bai, J; He, G199794
Formation of copper oxide cluster ions - Copper oxide cluster ions generated by direct laser ablation of copper oxide solidMa, C; Li, H; Zhang, X; Bai, J; Wang, X; Wang, L; Zhang, G; He, G; Lou, N199696
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