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Identification of metal-associated proteins in cells by using continuous-flow gel electrophoresis and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryHu, L; Cheng, T; He, B; Li, L; Wang, Y; Lai, YT; Jiang, G; Sun, H201350
Metallomics in environmental and health related research: Current status and perspectivesHu, L; He, B; Wang, Y; G.B., J; Sun, H201345
The bicyclic intermediate structure provides insights into the desuccinylation mechanism of human sirtuin 5 (SIRT5)Zhou, Y; Zhang, H; He, B; Du, J; Lin, H; Cerione, RA; Hao, Q2012122
Modeling tumor angiogenesis with zebrafishMa, CH; He, B; Guo, Y; Leung, AYH2011139
Sirt5 is a NAD-dependent protein lysine demalonylase and desuccinylaseDu, J; Zhou, Y; Su, X; Yu, JJ; Khan, S; Jiang, H; Kim, J; Woo, J; Kim, JH; Choi, BH; He, B; Chen, W; Zhang, S; Cerione, RA; Auwerx, J; Hao, Q; Lin, H2011196
Novel layered perovskite oxide PrBaCuCoO5+δ as a potential cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cellsZhao, L; Nian, Q; He, B; Lin, B; Ding, H; Wang, S; Peng, R; Meng, G; Liu, X2010123
Application of operative microscope in root canal retreatment and periapical surgeryZhang, C; He, B; Yin, X200992
Clone screening and interference efficiency of seed cells with CCL20 gene knockdown for tissue-engineered skinWang, LH; Peng, DZ; Liu, J; Zhou, X; Wang, Y; He, SD; He, B; Zheng, BX; Dong, ZX; Zhou, GQ200977
Characteristics of root canal treatment in mandibular anterior teeth and premolarsHe, B; Zhang, C; Yin, X; Wang, Q2009102
ChinaLiu, AMM; He, B; Zhang, S2009101
The preoperative radiographic characteristics of the C-shaped root canals in mandibular second molars: A clinical studyYin, X; He, B; Wang, Q; Zhu, X; Zhang, C2009141
Addition TheoremHe, B; Chew, WC200825
Diagonalizations of vector and tensor addition theoremsHe, B; Chew, WC200846
The tensor addition theorem: From the viewpoint of group theoryHe, B; Chew, WC200831
Biodegradable polylactide/poly(ethylene glycol)/polylactide triblock copolymer micelles as anticancer drug carriersLiu, L; Li, C; Li, X; Yuan, Z; An, Y; He, B200177
Differential expression of transforming growth factor -a (TGF-a) in dorsolateral (DLP) and ventral prostate (VP) during prostate carcinogenesisHe, B; Wang, YZ; Wong, YC199659
Activation of mitogen activated protein (MAP) kinase pathway is associated with the progression of prostatic hyperlasia and dysplasiaWang, YZ; Wong, YC; He, B199671
Changes of expression of androgen (AR) and estrogen receptor (ER) in the progression of rat prostate cancerWang, YZ; Wong, YC; He, B199662
Changes of biomarkers in hormone-induced prostatic carcinogenesis in the ratWong, YC; Wang, YZ; Bu, H; He, B; Tam, NNC; Chen, JM199675
Early development of prostate gland from urogenital sinus in an organ culture systemHe, B; Wong, YC199688
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