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Brain development in preterm and term neonates assessed by white matter model of diffusion kurtosis imaging with tract-based spatial statistics analysisLi, XJ; Gao, J; Zhang, YM; Luo, X; Han, JH; Niu, G; Wan, MX; Wu, EX; Yang, J201327
White matter variatios associated with severity of punctate white matter lesions: assessment by diffusion tensor imaging based on tract-based spatial statistic (TBSS)Gao, J; Li, XJ; Zhang, YM; Han, JH; Luo, X; Niu, G; Yu, BL; Wu, EX; Yang, J201324
Reciprocal interactions of Fgf10/Fgfr2b modulate the mouse tongue epithelial differentiationSohn, WJ; Jung, HI; Choi, MA; Han, JH; Gwon, GJ; Yamamoto, H; Lee, S; Ryoo, ZY; Park, EK; Shin, HI; Jung, HS; Kim, JY201183
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