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Detection of highly pathogenic influenza and pandemic influenza virus in formalin fixed tissues by immunohistochemical methodsNicholls, JM; Wong, LPW; Chan, RWY; Poon, LLM; So, LKY; Yen, HL; Fung, K; Van Poucke, S; Peiris, JSM2012194
Reference-free machine vision inspection of semiconductor die imagesNg, A; Lam, EYM; Chung, R; Fung, K; Leung, W2009429
Comparison of radiation dose for implant imaging using conventional spiral tomography, computed tomography, and cone-beam computed tomographyChau, ACM; Fung, K2009114
Boundary detection of projected fringes on surface with inhomogeneous reflectance functionCheng, J; Chung, R; Lam, EYM; Fung, K; Wang, F; Leung, WH2006114
Evaluation of the accuracy of volume determination on the orbit and eyeball using MRIChau, A; Fung, K; Yap, M2005143
Orbital development in Hong Kong Chinese subjectsChau, A; Fung, K; Yip, L; Yap, M200460
Is eye size related to orbit size in human subjects?Chau, A; Fung, K; Pak, K; Yap, M2004125
A new lytic antibody, 7D6, detects epstein-barr virus dUTPase in nonkeratinizing undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinomasNicholls, JM; Sommer, P; Kremmer, E; Ong, KS; Fung, K; Lee, JMF; Mun Hong Ng; Grasser, FA199896
The association of squamous cell carcinomas of the nasopharynx with epstein-barr virus shows geographical variation reminiscent of burkitt's lymphomaNicholls, JM; Agathanggelou, A; Fung, K; Xiangguo, Z; Niedobitek, G1997168
Electrochemical studies of nickel(II) and cobalt(II) complexes of tetra-azamacrocycles bearing a pyridine functional group and X-ray structures of [NiII(L3)Cl]ClO4 and [NiII(L3)][ClO4]2·H 2O {L3 = meso-2,3,7,11,12-pentamethyl-3,7,11,17-tetra-azabicyclo[11.3.1]heptadeca-1(17), 13,15-triene}Che, CM; Mak, S; Lee, W; Fung, K; Mak, TCW1988206
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