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Rapid Changes in the East Asian Monsoon During the Last Interglacial in the Bohai Sea Coastal Zone, China
Journal of Sedimentary Research
Society of Sedimentary Geology. The Journal's web site is located at
Du, S; Li, B; Li, Z; Chen, M; Xiang, R; Zhang, D; Niu, D; Zhang, L201417
Kiloyear-scale climate events and evolution during the Last Interglacial, Mu Us Desert, China
Quaternary International
Elsevier Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Du, S; Li, B; Chen, M; Zhang, DD; Xiang, Rong; Niu, D; Wen, X; Ou, X2012186
Age of the MGS5 segment of the Milanggouwan stratigraphical section and evolution of the desert environment on a kiloyear scale during the Last Interglacial in China's Salawusu River Valley: Evidence from Rb and Sr contents and ratios
Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry
Urban und Fischer Verlag. The Journal's web site is located at
Du, S; Li, B; Niu, D; Zhang, DD; Wen, X; Chen, D; Yang, Y; Wang, F2011301
Tunable interfacial properties of epitaxial graphene on metal substrates
Applied Physics Letters
American Institute of Physics. The Journal's web site is located at
Gao, M; Pan, Y; Zhang, C; Hu, H; Yang, R; Lu, H; Cai, J; Du, S; Liu, F; Gao, HJ2010157
Megainterstadial climate of the Salawusu valley - Milanggouwan stratigraphical section
Acta Geologica Sinica
Wen, X; Li, B; Zhang, DD; Fan, X; Ye, J; Du, S; Guo, Y; Chen, D2007192
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