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Possible FRAX-based intervention thresholds for a cohort of Chinese postmenopausal womenCheung, E; Cheung, CL; Kung, AWC; Tan, KCB201418
A secular increase in BMD in Chinese women.Cheung, E; Bow, HYC; Loong, C; Lee, KK; Ho, AYY; Soong, SS; Chan, YY; Kung, AWC201329
Recovery in Hong Kong: Service user participation in mental health servicesTse, S; Cheung, E; Kan, A; Ng, R; Yau, S2012134
A statistical analysis of students’ perceptions in e-learning via InternetCheung, E; Cheung, SW201241
Ethnic difference of clinical vertebral fracture riskBow, CH; Cheung, E; Cheung, CL; Xiao, SM; Loong, C; Soong, C; Tan, KC; Luckey, MM; Cauley, JA; Fujiwara, S; Kung, AWC2012383
Bone loss during menopausal transition among southern Chinese womenCheung, E; Tsang, S; Bow, C; Soong, C; Yeung, S; Loong, C; Cheung, CL; Kan, A; Lo, S; Tam, S; Tang, G; Kung, A2011175
Engineering outreach: A successful initiative with gifted students in science and technology in Hong KongChan, YY; Hui, D; Dickinson, AR; Chu, D; Cheng, DKW; Cheung, E; Ki, WH; Lau, WH; Wong, J; Lo, EWC; Luk, KM2010149
A pathway to wealth, health, and well-being - become a dental specialistMcGrath, CPJ; Au, KK; Chan, WS; Chau, LP; Chau, MH; Cheung, E; Kong, YC; Lau, KC; Tam, JJY2009138
Validation of the Chinese version of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire in a psychiatric population in Hong KongChung, KF; Tso, KC; Cheung, E; Wong, M2008162
Reducing Construction Fall Accidents in the Maintenance Sector: An Industry-Based Survey from Hong KongChan, APC; Wong, FKW; Chan, DWM; Yam, MCH; Kwok, AWK; Yiu, CY; Chan, EHW; Lam, EWM; Cheung, E2007119
Topiramate-valproate-induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy syndrome: Case reportCheung, E; Wong, V; Fung, CW2005102
Application of GPRS/3G for multimedia broadcast servicesCheung, PH; Cheung, E; Fok, WT; Cheung, SW200251
Could we improve the students’ learning using web tools for e-learning?Cheung, E; Cheung, SW200139
Business models for e-commerce in Hong Kong environmentCheung, E; Cheung, SW200147
Comparison of Protraction Headgear Response with Banded and Bonded AppliancesNgan, P; Cheung, E; Hagg, EUO; Yiu, CKY; Wei, SHY199875
Antiulcer drug prescribing in hospital successfully influenced by 'immediate concurrent feedback'Kumana, CR; Ching, TY; Cheung, E; Kong, Y; Kou, M; Chan, CK; Chu, KM; Seto, WH; Lam, SK1998125
'Immediate concurrent feedback' as a means of influencing hospital use of anti-ulcer drugsKumana, CR; Ching, TY; Cheung, E; Yuen, M; Chan, CK; Chu, KM; Seto, WH; Lam, SK199785
Influencing anti-ulcer drug utilization by 'Immediate Concurrent Feedback'Kumana, CR; Ching, P; Cheung, E; Yuen, M; Chan, CK; Chu, KM; Seto, WH; Lam, SK199683
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