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Epidemiological dynamics and phylogeography of influenza virus in southern ChinaCheng, X; Tan, Y; He, M; Lam, TTY; Lu, X; Viboud, C; He, J; Zhang, S; Lu, J; Wu, C; Fang, S; Wang, X; Xie, X; Ma, H; Nelson, MI; Kung, HF; Holmes, EC; Cheng, J201398
Laser-induced fusion of human embryonic stem cells with optical tweezersChen, S; Cheng, J; Kong, MCW; Wang, X; Cheng, SH; Li, RA; Sun, D201355
A remark on Lin and Chang's paper 'Consistent modeling of S&P 500 and VIX derivatives'Cheng, J; Ibraimi, M; Leippold, M; Zhang, JE2012101
Analytical pricing of American optionsCheng, J; Zhang, JE201274
Optic flow has an immediate and an enduring effect on the perceived straight ahead in the visual control of steering toward a goalLi, L; Cheng, J; Zhang, L201271
Evaluating probabilistic queries over uncertain matchingCheng, R; Gong, J; Cheung, DWL; Cheng, J201258
Visual control of steering toward a goalLi, L; Cheng, J201172
Modification of nonstructural protein 1 of influenza a virus by SUMO1Xu, K; Klenk, C; Liu, B; Keiner, B; Cheng, J; Zheng, BJ; Li, L; Han, Q; Wang, C; Li, T; Chen, Z; Shu, Y; Liu, J; Klenk, HD; Sun, B2011353
Polymer-coated NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+ upconversion nanoparticles for charge-dependent cellular imagingJin, J; Gu, YJ; Man, CWY; Cheng, J; Xu, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, H; Lee, VHY; Cheng, SH; Wong, WT2011173
Perceiving path from optic flowCheng, J; Li, L2011141
New measures for the evaluation of interactive information retrieval systems: Normalized task completion time and normalized user effectivenessCheng, J; Hu, X; Heidorn, PB201046
Mining uncertain data with probabilistic guaranteesSun, L; Cheng, R; Cheung, DW; Cheng, J2010170
On-line preferential nearest neighbor browsing in large attributed graphsCheng, J; Yu, JX; Cheng, RCK2010160
Chronic toxicity of double-walled carbon nanotubes to three marine organisms: Influence of different dispersion methodsKwok, KW; Leung, KM; Flahaut, E; Cheng, J; Cheng, SH201072
Humans use both form and motion information for heading perceptionLi, L; Niehorster, D; Cheng, J2010150
Submicron-fabrication of bovine serum albumin (BSA) matrix via two-photon photochemical crosslinkingXu, J; Cheng, J; Cheng, SH; Chan, BP201096
A comparison of the long-term health-related quality of life of handicap of stroke patients in Mainland China and Hong KongKwok, T; Jin, X; Yeung, F; Cheng, J; Lo, R; Lam, CLK; Yuan, HJ; Woo, J2010281
Looking where you are going does not help path perceptionLi, L; Cheng, J2010106
Identification of a functional genetic variant at 16q12.1 for breast cancer risk: results from the Asia Breast Cancer Consortium.Long, J; Cai, Q; Shu, XO; Qu, S; Li, C; Zheng, Y; Gu, K; Wang, W; Xiang, YB; Cheng, J; Chen, K; Zhang, L; Zheng, H; Shen, CY; Huang, CS; Hou, MF; Shen, H; Hu, Z; Wang, F; Deming, SL; Kelley, MC; Shrubsole, MJ; Khoo, US; Chan, KY; Chan, SY; Haiman, CA; Henderson, BE; le Marchand, L; Iwasaki, M; Kasuga, Y; Tsugane, S; Matsuo, K; Tajima, K; Iwata, H; Huang, B; Shi, J; Li, G; Wen, W; Gao, YT; Lu, W; Zheng, W2010298
Looking where you are going does not help path perceptionCheng, J; Li, L201089
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