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Ellagic acid, a phenolic compound, exerts anti-angiogenesis effects via VEGFR-2 signaling pathway in breast cancerWang, N; Wang, ZY; Mo, SL; Loo, TY; Wang, DM; Luo, HB; Yang, DP; Chen, YL; Shen, JG; Chen, JP2012262
Propofol depresses angiotensin II-induced cell proliferation in rat cardiac fibroblastsCheng, TH; Leung, YM; Cheung, CW; Chen, CH; Chen, YL; Wong, KL2010178
Manufacturing system design with optimal diagnosabilityLiu, JP; Luo, ZB; Chu, LK; Chen, YL2004165
EBV specific antibody-based and DNA-based assays in serologic diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinomaChan, KH; Gu, YL; Ng, F; Ng, PSP; Seto, WH; Sham, JST; Chua, D; Wei, W; Chen, YL; Luk, W; Zong, YS; Ng, MH2003145
Designing the optimal diagnosability for key quality characteristics using a matrix modelLiu, JP; Chen, YL; Luo, ZB; Chu, LK2003124
A criterion for crack initiation and propagation of intact rocks under creep conditionYue, QZQ; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK; Chen, YL2002105
Dibenzo macrocyclic acetylenic sulfide and a comparable silaneZhang, H; Lam, KT; Chen, YL; Mo, T; Kwok, CC; Wong, WY; Wong, MS; Lee, AWM200248
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