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A 3D hydrogen bonding framework of trinuclear Ni(II) complex in mixed ligands system: Structural and magnetic studiesChen, XH; Wu, QJ; Lu, W; Yang, MX; Chen, LJ201189
Long-term in vivo imaging and measurement of dendritic shrinkage of retinal ganglion cellsLeung, CKS; Weinreb, RN; Li, ZW; Liu, S; Lindsey, JD; Choi, N; Liu, L; Cheung, CYL; Ye, C; Qiu, K; Chen, LJ; Yung, WH; Crowston, JG; Pu, M; So, KF; Pang, CP; Lam, DSC2011202
Upregulated expression of GAP-43 mRNA and protein in anterior horn motoneurons of the spinal cord after brachial plexus injuryChen, LJ; Ren, YH; Liu, L; Zhang, XQ; Zhao, Y; Wu, WT; Li, F201070
Expression and significance of glial fibrillry acidic protein in the plerosis of brachial plexus injuryChen, LJ; Li, F; Zhou, LH; Wu, WT; Peng, YJ200670
Production and evaluation of bioactive and biodegradable composites for tissue regenerationWang, M; Ni, J; Chen, LJ2002116
Hydroxyapatite reinforced biodegradable polymer for hard tissue replacement and regenerationWang, M; Chen, LJ2002108
Structure and mechanical properties of bone-like apatite formed In Vitro on various biomaterialsWang, M; Chen, LJ; Ni, J2002135
Production and evaluation of biodegradable composites based on PHB-PHV copolymerChen, LJ; Wang, M2002146
Manufacture and evaluation of bioactive and biodegradable materials and scaffolds for tissue engineeringWang, M; Chen, LJ; Ni, J; Weng, J; Yue, CY200173
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