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Vitamin D inhibits COX-2 expression and inflammatory response by targeting thioesterase superfamily member 4Wang, Q; He, Y; Shen, Y; Zhang, Q; Chen, D; Zuo, C; Qin, J; Wang, H; Wang, JJ; Yu, Y20142
Prevalence of GB virus type C viraemia in MSM with or without HIV-1 infection in Beijing, ChinaLiu, Z; Liu, L; Chen, Z; Xu, M; Zhang, T; Jiao, Y; Sheng, B; Chen, D; Wu, H201228
Polymer-based fluoride-selective chemosensor: Synthesis, sensing property, and its use for the design of molecular-scale logic devicesLu, W; Chen, D; Jiang, H; Jiang, L; Shen, Z2012108
Age of the MGS5 segment of the Milanggouwan stratigraphical section and evolution of the desert environment on a kiloyear scale during the Last Interglacial in China's Salawusu River Valley: Evidence from Rb and Sr contents and ratiosDu, S; Li, B; Niu, D; Zhang, DD; Wen, X; Chen, D; Yang, Y; Wang, F2011214
The expression patterns of nogo-A, myelin associated glycoprotein and oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein in the retina after ocular hypertension : the expression of myelin proteins in the retina in glaucomaLiao, XX; Chen, D; Shi, J; Sun, YQ; Sun, SJ; So, KF; Fu, QL2011126
Soluble Nogo-66 receptor prevents synaptic dysfunction and rescues retinal ganglion cell loss in chronic glaucoma.Fu, QL; Liao, XX; Li, X; Chen, D; Shi, J; Wen, W; Lee, DH; So, KF2011117
The SME oriented service delivery mechanism and an implementationLin, Z; Luo, Z; Lau, F; Xiao, Q; Gan, H; Chen, D2010106
Association of candidate susceptible loci with chronic hepatitisB virus infection in a Chinese populationChen, D; Zheng, B201082
A SNP in IFNGR1 promoter is correlated to the susceptibility to chronic HBV infection in Chinese populationZeng, Y; Zhou, J; Chen, D; Poon, KM; Ng, F; Yuen, KY; Zheng, B2009220
Study on structure-property-reactivity-function relationship of human neuronal growth inhibitory factor (hGIF)Ding, ZC; Zheng, Q; Cai, B; Ni, FY; Yu, WH; Teng, XC; Gao, Y; Liu, F; Chen, D; Wang, Y; Wu, HM; Sun, HZ; Zhang, MJ; Tan, XS; Huang, ZX2008439
A novel design for a variable energy positron lifetime spectrometerChen, D; Zhang, JD; Cheng, CC; Beling, CD; Fung, S2008298
Effect of block order of ABA- and BAB-type NIPAAm/HEMA triblock copolymers on thermoresponsive behavior of solutionsZhao, X; Liu, W; Chen, D; Lin, X; Lu, WW2007185
Fossil Gastropods from the MGS3 Stratigraphic Segment in the Salawusu River Valley and their Climatic and Environmental ImplicationsLi, B; Chen, D; Zhang, D200789
Megainterstadial climate of the Salawusu valley - Milanggouwan stratigraphical sectionWen, X; Li, B; Zhang, DD; Fan, X; Ye, J; Du, S; Guo, Y; Chen, D2007122
A mechanism underlying susceptibility to HBV infection: HBV down-regulate transferase-1 type I interferon receptor 1 via suppressing poly(ADP-ribose)Zhou, J; Huang, J; Poon, KM; Chen, D; Chan, CS; Ng, F; Guan, XY; Watt, RM; Lu, L; Yuen, KY; Zheng, B2007182
Design realization and characterization of a position sensitive detector for fast optical measurementQi, X; Lin, B; Chen, D; Cao, X; Chen, Y2006266
The role of Thr5 in human neuron growth inhibitory factorCai, B; Zheng, Q; Teng, XC; Chen, D; Wang, Y; Wang, KQ; Zhou, GM; Xie, Y; Zhang, MJ; Sun, HZ; Huang, ZX2006169
Modeling of PSD based on Schottky-barrier junctionTan, C; Lin, B; Chen, D; Chen, Y2005201
Molecular cloning, tissue distribution, and ontogeny of mRNA expression of growth hormone in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)Wen, SL; Chen, D; Wong, AOL; Lin, HR2005127
Fabrication and characterization of a new type 4 × 4 arrayed position sensitive detectorXunjun, QI; Lin, B; Chen, D; Chen, Y2005186
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