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EGFR array: Uses in the detection of plasma EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer patientsYam, I; Lam, DCL; Chan, K; Ho, JCM; Ip, M; Lam, WK; Chan, TK; Chan, V2012126
A comprehensive HBV array for the detection of HBV mutants and genotypeChan, K; Yam, I; Yuen, J; Yuen, MF; Lai, CL; Alexander, GJ; Chan, TK; Chan, V2011185
Perspectives of the dentists on smoking cessation in Hong KongLu, HX; Wong, MCM; Chan, KF; Chan, TK; Chung, WY; Leung, MY; Mak, YK; Pu, YC; Wong, SSS; Wong, WY; Yeung, HW2011137
A complex MLL rearrangement identified five years after initial MDS diagnosis results in out-of-frame fusions without progression to acute leukemiaMeyer, C; Kowarz, E; Yip, SF; Wan, TSK; Chan, TK; Dingermann, T; Chan, LC; Marschalek, R201159
Detection of paternal alleles in maternal plasma for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of β-thalassemia: A feasibility study in southern ChineseChan, K; Yam, I; Leung, KY; Tang, M; Chan, TK; Chan, V2010103
Young children's analogical reasoning across cultures: Similarities and differencesRichland, LE; Chan, TK; Morrison, RG; Au, TKF2010258
Localization of hRad9 in breast cancerChan, V; Khoo, US; Wong, MS; Lau, K; Suen, D; Li, G; Kwong, A; Chan, TK2008222
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of thalassaemiasChan, VNY; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB; Yam, IYL; Chan, TK; Ho, PC2007102
Iron overload in Hb H diseaseChan, VNY; Chan, J; Chim, JCS; Ooi, CGC; Chan, TK2007125
Use of the oral chelator deferiprone in the treatment of iron overload in patients with Hb H diseaseChan, JCW; Chim, CS; Ooi, CGC; Cheung, B; Liang, R; Chan, TK; Chan, V2006169
A Chinese family with hemophilia B leyden due to T→A transition at position +6 of the FIX gene [4]Chan, V; Ha, SY; Au, P; Lam, C; Chan, TK200678
Experience in preimplantation genetic diagnosis for exclusion of homozygous α° thalassemiaChan, V; Ng, EHY; Yam, I; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC; Chan, TK200693
Think biology: A new approach to colds/flu educationAu, TKF; Chan, TK; Wan, MP; Chan, CKK200570
Deferiprone in the treatment of iron overload in patients with Hb H diseaseChan, VNY; Chan, JCW; Chim, JCS; Ooi, CGC; Cheung, BMY; Liang, RHS; Chan, TK2005107
The cell cycle checkpoint gene Rad9 is a novel oncogene activated by 11q13 amplification and DNA methylation in breast cancerCheng, CK; Chow, LWC; Loo, WTY; Chan, TK; Chan, V2005114
What causes colds/flu? A study of Chinese children and older adults’ folk beliefsAu, TKF; Chan, TK; Wan, MP; Chan, CKK200566
Detection of known haemophilia B mutations and carrier testing by microarrayChan, K; Sasanakul, W; Mellars, G; Chuansumrit, A; Perry, D; Lee, CA; Wong, MS; Chan, TK; Chan, V2005217
A thalassaemia array for Southeast AsiaChan, K; Wong, MS; Chan, TK; Chan, V200493
Preimplantation diagnosis of homozygous alpha° thalassemiaChan, VNY; Yam, IYL; Yeung, WSB; Ng, EHY; Ho, PC; Chan, TK200468
A new cross-over region for hemogloboin-Lepore-HollandiaChan, V; Au, P; Yip, B; Chan, TK200456
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