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Discriminative value of FRAX for fracture prediction in a cohort of Chinese postmenopausal womenCheung, EYN; Bow, CH; Cheung, CL; Soong, C; Yeung, S; Loong, C; Kung, A201286
Post-genome wide association studies and functional analyses identify association of MPP7 gene variants with site-specific bone mineral densityXiao, SM; Kung, AWC; Gao, Y; Lau, KS; Ma, A; Zhang, ZL; Liu, JM; Xia, W; He, JW; Zhao, L; Nie, M; Fu, WZ; Zhang, MJ; Sun, J; Kwan, JSH; Tso, GHW; Dai, ZJ; Cheung, CL; Bow, CH; Leung, AYH; Tan, KCB; Sham, PC2012147
Meta-analysis of gene-based genome-wide association studies of bone mineral density in Chinese and European subjectsCheung, CL; Sham, PC; Xiao, SM; Bow, CH; Kung, AWC2012196
Association of CDX1 binding site of periostin gene with bone mineral density and vertebral fracture riskXiao, SM; Gao, Y; Cheung, CL; Bow, CH; Lau, KS; Sham, PC; Tan, KCB; Kung, AWC2012163
Low handgrip strength is a predictor of osteoporotic fractures: Cross-sectional and prospective evidence from the Hong Kong Osteoporosis StudyCheung, CL; Tan, KCB; Bow, CH; Soong, CSS; Loong, CHN; Kung, AWC2012218
Ethnic difference of clinical vertebral fracture riskBow, CH; Cheung, E; Cheung, CL; Xiao, SM; Loong, C; Soong, C; Tan, KC; Luckey, MM; Cauley, JA; Fujiwara, S; Kung, AWC2012383
Clinical risk factor assessment had better discriminative ability than bone mineral density in identifying subjects with vertebral fractureTsang, SWY; Bow, CH; Chu, EYW; Yeung, SC; Soong, CC; Kung, AWC2011206
Identification of QTL genes for BMD variation using both linkage and gene-based association approachesLi, GHY; Cheung, CL; Xiao, SM; Lau, KS; Gao, Y; Bow, CH; Huang, QY; Sham, PC; Kung, AWC2011145
Bone mineral density enhances use of clinical risk factors in predicting ten-year risk of osteoporotic fractures in Chinese men: The Hong Kong Osteoporosis StudyBow, CH; Tsang, SWY; Loong, CHN; Soong, CSS; Yeung, SC; Kung, AWC2011160
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