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Language as a discourse: identity negotiation of ethnic Korean teachers in ChinaGao, F2010106
Joint CFO and channel estimation for ZP-OFDM modulated two-way relay networksWang, G; Gao, F; Wu, YC; Tellambura, C2010212
CFO estimation in OFDM systems under timing and channel length uncertainties with model averagingCai, K; Li, X; Du, J; Wu, YC; Gao, F2010175
Learning Korean language in China: Motivations and strategies of non-KoreansGao, F2010201
Ethnicity, achievement and friendship: Korean Chinese students' construction of peer networksGao, F2010172
A comparative analysis of the meaning of model minority among ethnic Koreans in China and the United StatesGao, F2010214
Joint CFO and channel estimation for CP-OFDM modulated two-way relay networksWang, G; Gao, F; Wu, YC; Tellambura, C2010172
Bilingual education among ethnic Koreans in China: ethnic language maintenance and upward social mobilityGao, F2010185
Controllable growth of ZnO nanowires with different aspect ratios and microstructures and their photoluminescence and photosensitive propertiesLi, L; Yang, H; Yu, J; Chen, Y; Ma, J; Zhang, J; Song, Y; Gao, F2009175
Language and power: Korean-Chinese students’ language attitude and practiceGao, F2009280
Researching Korean children's schooling experience behind the model minority stereotype in China : an ethnographic approachGao, F2009157
What it means to be a “Model Minority”: schooling experiences and peer networks of Korean students behind the model minority stereotypeGao, F200898
Teaching Chinese as a second language in China: the cases of South Asians and ethnic KoreansGao, F; Park, J; Ki, WW; Tsung, LTH2008350
Robust subspace blind channel estimation for cyclic prefixed MIMO OFDM systems: Algorithm, identifiability and performance analysisGao, F; Zeng, Y; Nallanathan, A; Ng, TS2008250
What it means to be a “model minority”: Voices of ethnic Koreans in Northeast ChinaGao, F2008153
Research studies in education: the tenth and eleventh Postgraduate Research Conference, 2007, Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. Volume 5Bryant, DA; Gao, F; Hennig, BB; Lam, WK200712
Detection of a novel and highly divergent coronavims from Asian leopard cats and Chinese ferret badgers in southern ChinaDong, BQ; Liu, W; Fan, XH; Vijaykrishna, D; Tang, X; Gao, F; Li, L; Li, GJ; Zhang, J; Yang, LQ; Poon, LLM; Zhang, SY; Peiris, JSM; Smith, GJ; Chen, H; Guan, Y200785
Ethnicity, academic achievement, gender, and the role of teacher: an ethnographic study of the Korean school world of primary pupils in ChinaGao, F2006155
Socio-cultural factors in housing design: reconsidering the utilitarian and social roles of kitchens due to lifestyle changes in metropolitan ShanghaiLau, SSY; Li, FM; Baharuddin, B; Gao, F; Song, DX2006148
Family structure, institutional context and school success: Charting the achievement gap among Korean Chinese pupilsGao, F2006197
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