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Trading volume-induced spatial autocorrelation in real estate pricesWong, SK; Yiu, CY; Chau, KW2013252
剖析香港房屋問題癥結Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2012101
A tenant-mix model for shopping mallsYiu, CY; Xu, SYS2012370
Liquidity and Information Asymmetry in the Real Estate MarketWong, SK; Yiu, CY; Chau, KW2012316
The Correlation Between the Noise and Vibration Induced by a Bridge Movement JointWong, JCK; Lee, YY; Lo, TY; Wong, KW; Leung, AYT; Fok, WK; Lam, HF; Wong, CK; Yiu, CY201291
2012環球REITs投資前景Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2012206
2012 環球房地產投資前景Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY201194
A spatial portfolio theory of household location choiceYiu, CY2011141
The changing nature of household demand and housing market trends in ChinaYiu, CY; Xu, Y2011112
The impact of a pedestrianisation scheme on retail rent: an empirical test in Hong KongYiu, CY2011117
Can liquidity explain spatial dependence in real estate prices?Wong, SK; Yiu, ECY; Chau, KW201189
A Novel Intelligent Monitoring System on Movement Joints of BridgesLeung, AYT; Lee, RYY; Wong, JCK; Yiu, CY; Lo, Y; Lam, PMF; Wong, KW2010143
Liquidity-induced spatial dependence in real estate pricesWong, SK; Yiu, CY; Chau, KW2010261
Haven't Learned from the Past, A Common Symptom of Housing BubblesYiu, CY; Xu, Y; Cao, Y2010154
Why Price-to-Income Ratios in Asian Countries are High?Cao, Y; Yiu, CY2010146
The Effect of Tax Reforms on REITs' ReturnXu, Y; Yiu, CY2010125
Do unexpected land auction outcomes bring new information to the real estate market?Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY; Tse, MKS; Pretorius, FIH2010417
Space and scale: A study of development intensity and housing price in Hong KongTang, Bs; Yiu, CY2010470
Buyers-to-shoppers ratio of shopping malls: A probit study in Hong KongYim Yiu, C; Cheong Ng, H2010303
What can we learn from the past: A common pre-existing symptom of three recent real estate pricing bubblesYiu, CY; Xu, SYS; Cao, CYJ201079
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