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More can mean less motivation: Applying a motivational orientation framework to the expanded entry into higher education in Hong KongKember, D; Hong, C; Ho, A; Ho, A2011151
Disciplinary Differences in Student Ratings of Teaching QualityKember, D; Leung, DYP2011152
Opening up the road to nowhere: Problems with the path to mass higher education in Hong KongKember, D2010252
Understanding the ways in which design features of educational websites impact upon student learning outcomes in blended learning environmentsKember, D; McNaught, C; Chong, FCY; Lam, P; Cheng, KF2010200
Initial motivational orientation of students enrolling in undergraduate degreesKember, D; Ho, A; Hong, C2010132
Approaches to learning and teaching by the ChineseKember, DR; Watkins, DA201097
Characterising a teaching and learning environment capable of motivating student learningKember, D; Ho, A; Hong, C2010298
Nurturing generic capabilities through a teaching and learning environment which provides practise in their useKember, D200993
Comparing the effect on the development of graduate capabilities of the differing teaching and learning environments in three discipline areasKember, DR; Leung, YP2009123
Promoting student-centred forms of learning across an entire universityKember, D2009148
Development of a questionnaire for assessing students' perceptions of the teaching and learning environment and its use in quality assuranceKember, D; Leung, DYP2009202
An outcomes-based approach to curriculum development in pharmacyHo, SSS; Kember, D; Lau, CBS; Au Yeung, MYM; Leung, DYP; Chow, MSS2009127
Examining the cultural specificity of approaches to learning in universities in Hong Kong and SydneyLeung, DYP; Ginns, P; Kember, D200886
A workshop activity to demonstrate that approaches to learning are influenced by the teaching and learning environmentKember, D; Leung, DYP; McNaught, C2008106
The importance of relevance in motivating student learning.Kember, DR; Ho, A; Hong, CSL200882
Establishing the validity and reliability of course evaluation questionnairesKember, D; Leung, DYP2008138
International students from Asia.Kember, DR2008101
Characterizing learning environments capable of nurturing generic capabilities in higher educationKember, D; Leung, DYP; Ma, RSF2007206
Excellent University TeachingKember, D; Ma, SF; McNaught, C200682
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