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Professor Yuen, Man Tak 袁文得

Principal Lecturer
Associate Professor



I have served as a secondary school teacher, as a lecturer at Northcote College of Education, and as an educational psychologist with the Education Department (Psychological Services, Special Education Section) of the Hong Kong Government. My academic and professional interests are in the areas of school guidance and counseling, gifted education and talent development, inclusive education and learners with special needs, social-emotive learning, life career development and individual differences. I am the principal investigator of the Connectedness and Life Skills Development projects. I coordinate courses in guidance & counselling, gifted education and career development, and I supervise postgraduate research student dissertations. I am the deputy director of Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education and the co-convener of the Special Interest Group for Gifted Education, Creativity and Talent Development. I am also co-convener of the Special Interest Group for School Guidance, Life Skills and Career Development at the HKU Faculty of Education. My other interests include table tennis, movies, photography, painting, museums, and travelling.

Honours, Awards & Prizes
AwardeesAward DateHonours / Awards / PrizesCategory
2011-12-01Associate Fellow: British Psychological Society
2014-07-01Fellow: Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
2013-12-01Marden Scholar: Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education
Research Achievement
2014-04-01Long Service Award (15 years): The University of Hong Kong
2001-12-01First Class Award, Excellence in Social Sciences Research Paper: "Attitudes toward inclusive education: Comparing regular teachers in Beijing and Hong Kong. Special Education Research, 1, 38-42.": China Development Research Theory Book Editorial Board, 2001
Research Achievement
2005-08-01Student Research Excellence Award. Title of poster presentation "Perfectionism in Chinese high school students from Hong Kong".: APA Division 17 Society of Counseling Psychology, Section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity. American Psychological Association annual conference.
Research Achievement
2015-06-01Faculty Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 2014: Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
Research Achievement
2015-04-01Fellow: Hong Kong Psychological Society
Research Achievement
Professional Societies
Term PeriodPositionProfessional Societies
05/2010-2020full memberInternational Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence
2000-2010member, research committeeInternational School Psychology Association
2000-2010memberInternational Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance
1996-2023member, Division of Teacher EducationAmerican Education Research Association
1995-presentmember, registered psychologist(Counselling Psychology & Educational Psychology); associate fellowHong Kong Psychological Society
2000-2003member of registration boardHong Kong Psychological Society
1998-1999committee member, division of educational psychologyHong Kong Psychological Society
01/2012-2018scientific programme committee memberInternational Conference on School Guidance in the Chinese Communities
2002-presentmember, Positive Psychology Interest Group, Society of Counseling Psychology, Division of School PsychologyAmerican Psychological Association
2009-2010scientific committee memberInternational Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance's (IAEVG) international conference in October 2010
2016-presentexecutive Committee member, Vice-PresidentAsian-Pacific Federation on Giftedness
1992-presentmember, chartered psychologistBritish Psychological Society
2009-presentdelegateWorld Council for Gifted and Talented Children
1998-presentmemberWorld Council for Gifted and Talented Children
2017-presentRegional Leader for East AsiaInternational Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling
2023-presentmemberChinese Psychological Society
Media Contact Directory
Area of Expertise:
Area of Expertise (EN)Area of Expertise (ZH)
Social Emotional Learning社會情感學習
School Guidance and Counseling學校輔導與諮詢
Positive Psychology & Education正向心理與教育
Play Education遊戲教育
Life Skills Development & Career Planning生活技能發展與生涯規劃
Inclusive Education融合教育
Gifted Education, Creativity & Talent Development資優教育,創造力和才華發展
Spoken Languages:
Spoken Language(s) (EN)Spoken Language(s) (ZH)
English, Cantonese, Putonghua英語、粵語、普通話
Written Languages:
Written Language(s) (EN)Written Language(s) (ZH)
English, Chinese英文、中文
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