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NameChinese NameDepartmentsResearch Interests
Abraham Wai衞家聰Department of Emergency MedicineResuscitation; Medico-legal Issues; Health services and policy research
Adler, Patrick James-Department of GeographyCreative Economy; Entertainment Industries; Urban Evolution; Urban Technology; Innovation; Urban Planning; Urban Policy
Adorjan, Michael Charles-Centre for CriminologyComparative criminology and sociology; Volatile and contradictory punishment paradigms; Criminological theory; Social constructionism; Symbolic interactionism; Qualitative methods; Youth crime and youth justice policy debates and systems; Restorative justice; Cultural criminology
Alex K. Gearin-Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit
Alex T. L. Leong梁志倫Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Ali, Jason Richard-Department of Earth SciencesMeso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of E-SE Asia, W-SW Pacific; Emeishan large igneous province, SW China; Science and Society in England 1660-1750; Orientation of historically important churches, city complexes, temples etc; Palaeomagnetic “quick fixes” to knotty geological problems/phenomena; Earth-ocean-climate system at the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic boundary; Early Cenozoic time-scale
Ali, Shahla-Department of Law; Faculty of LawArbitration & Dispute Resolution; Transnational Law & Globalization; Law and Development in East Asia; Collaborative Governance; Comparative Legal Institutions
Ali, Sheikh Taslim-School of Public Health
Alves Horta, Hugo Duarte-Faculty of Education (Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education)Higher Education Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Public Policy
An, Jiafu安佳夫Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)
Anderson Shum岑浩璋President's Office; Department of Mechanical EngineeringEmulsions; Soft condensed matter physics; Microfluidics; Emulsion-templated materials; Bio-microfluidics; Drug delivery; Cosmetics applications; Food applications
Anya Adair-School of English
Arner, Douglas Wayne-Department of Law; Faculty of LawComparative law; Development law; International economic law; International and domestic financial law and regulation
Asay, Jamin Frederick-School of Humanities (Philosophy)Metaphysics; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Science
Ashton, Louise Amy-School of Biological Sciences
Au Yeung, Ho Yu歐陽灝宇Department of ChemistrySupramolecular Chemistry; Mechanical Bond Chemistry; Binding, Recognition and Detection of Small Molecules and Biomoleucles
Au Yeung, Shiu Lun Ryan歐陽兆倫School of Public HealthCardiovascular disease, diabetes, medication, Mendelian randomization
Au, Allen Man Ho區文浩Department of Computer ScienceInformation security; Applied cryptography; Blockchain technology
Au, Francis Tat Kwong區達光Department of Civil EngineeringConcrete structures; Beam-column joints; Bridge structures; Vehicle-bridge interation; Temperature distribution in bridges
Au, Kin Kwok Dennis區建國Department of SurgeryAudiology; Balance/vestibular function; Cochlear Implant