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AmaranthCai, Y; Corke, H; Wu, HX2003242
Analysis of RAPD fingerprinting in seven species of AmaranthusLiang, Q; Wan, Y; Fang, X; Sun, M; Corke, H1995213
Application of statistically-based experimental designs for optimizing eicosapentaenoic acid production by Nitzschia laevis. In: Chen, F. & Jiang, Y. (eds)Wen, Z; Chen, SF2001215
Biodegradation of halogenated compoundsTsang, JSH; Ho, YB1997119
BuckwheatCai, Y; Corke, H; Li, W2004176
Cereals: biology, pre- and post-harvest managementCai, Y; Corke, H2005229
Characterization of a mutant in Arabidopsis ACBP2Mishra, G; Ramalingam, S; Lie Ken Jie, MSF; Chye, ML2005104
Chinese ginseng industries: the present and the future.Lian, HZ; Ren, GX; Fu, XZ; Chen, SF1995106
CoixHuang, Y; Corke, H; Li, JS2003179
Determination of anions in Haematococcus lacustris culture media using indirect photometric ion chromatographyYuan, J; Yap, CY; Chen, SF; Chen, H1996119
Developing grain Amaranthus in China for industrial and food applications. In: C.W. Wrigley (ed.)Corke, H; Sun, M; Wu, H; Sun, H; Yue, S1997193
Developing specialty starches from new crops: a case study using grain amaranth. In: G.M. Campbell, C. Webb, and S.L. McKee (eds.)Corke, H; Wu, H; Yue, S; Sun, H1997181
Effects of nitrogen source and vitamin B12 on docosahexaenoic acid production by Crypthecodinium cohniiJiang, Y; Chen, SF; Li, H2001243
Expression of Solanum americanum genes encoding proteinase inhibitor II is essential for seed developmentSin, SF; Yeung, ECT; Chye, ML2006151
Extraction of heavy metals - a molecular biology approachKong, KF; Tsang, JSH1998127
Fermentation technology for the production of high-value food additives. In: Whitatker, J.R., Haard, N.F., Shoemaker, C.F. & Singh, R.P. (eds)Chen, SF1999153
Food analysis: other methodsRout, MK; Ma, CY2006109
Free-floating hydrophytes for treatment of wastewatersHo, YB; Tsang, JSH1997156
Grain production and consumption - AsiaCorke, H; Cai, Y2004193
Grain: morphology of internal structureCorke, H2003207
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