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Algae and their Biotechnological PotentialChen, SF; Jiang, Y2001283
Asian Food TechnologyCorke, H1997180
Determination of iodine in seawater: methods and applicationsLi, H; Xu, X; Chen, SF2007248
Encyclopedia of Grain ScienceWrigley, CW; Corke, H; Walker, CE2004186
Encyclopedia of Grain ScienceWrigley, CW; Corke, H; Walker, CE2004188
Encyclopedia of Grain ScienceWrigley, CW; Corke, H; Walker, CE2004197
Handbook of Food Science, Technology and EngineeringMa, CY2002245
Herbs, Challenges in Chemistry and Biology, ACS symposium series 925Wang, M; Sang, S; Hwang, LS; Ho, CT2006263
Influence of hydroxypropyl b-cyclodextrin on the transition properties of native, acetylated and synthesized amylose-lipid complexes. Pages 319-328Dissanayake Mudiyanselage, AG; Corke, H2007169
Involvement of loops in catalysis in family 19 chitinasesUbhayasekara, W; Tang, CM; Rawat, R; Ho, SWT; Chye, ML; Mowbray, SL2007164
Member, Editorial BoardMa, CY2002100
Microalgal BiotechnologyChen, SF; Jiang, Y1999119
Modern Biological and Food TechnologyChen, SF; Li, JR; Hu, XS; Liu, X; Meng, SH; Shao, W2002190
Plant lipidomics: discerning biological function by profiling plant complex lipids using mass spectrometryWelti, R; Shah, J; Li, W; Li, M; Chen, J; Burke, JJ; Fauconnier, ML; Chapman, K; Chye, ML; Wang, X2007174
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Asian Food Product Development - Focus on Specialty Grains and Grain Products, held September 6-10, 1998, Taiyuan, ChinaCorke, H; Lin, RF1998185
Production of high-value products by the marine microalgae thraustochytrids. In: Yang, S.T. (ed)Fan, KW; Chen, SF2007353
Prospects for eicosapentaenoic acid production using microorganisms. In: Cohen, Z. & Ratde,C. (eds)Wen, Z; Chen, SF2005213
Specialty cereal and non-cereal starches. Pages 49-62Corke, H2007162
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